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200% Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus Upto ₹12,000​

Referral Code: FREEPLAY

T&C apply. 18+ only.

Ludo Culture Referral Code ‘FREEPLAY’ and Download App To Get a Bonus of 100.

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Ludoculture: A New Ludo App by Gamezy

Are you a fan of Ludo? Do you enjoy playing online games with your friends and family? Well, we have some exciting news for you! Introducing Ludo Culture, a new and innovative Ludo app developed by Gamezy. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer, Ludo Culture offers a unique gaming experience that’s both entertaining and rewarding.

Ludo Culture Refer and Earn: Share the Fun, Share the Rewards

Ludo Culture brings an incredible referral program that lets you and your friends enjoy Ludo gaming while earning rewards. By using the Ludo Culture referral code: FREEPLAY during registration, you can kickstart your journey with a bang. It’s simple – just invite your Ludo-loving friends to download and register on the Ludo Culture app, and you’ll receive a whopping Rs.12,516 for every successful referral! The more friends you refer, the more referral cash you accumulate. This referral bonus can be used to play Ludo games and join exciting tournaments, making your gaming experience even more thrilling.

Ludo Culture Referral Code APK App Download

To get started on your Ludo Culture app Download adventure, follow these steps:

Ludo Culture Referral Code and App Details

Referral CodeApp DownloadSignup BonusReferral Bonus
FREEPLAYDownload NowRs.200Rs.100

About Ludo Culture App

Ludo Culture isn’t just another Ludo app – it’s a platform that allows you to challenge real players, putting your strategic skills to the test. In Ludo, luck isn’t the only factor; careful planning and a smart strategy are essential to secure victory over your opponents. With Ludo Culture, you’ll engage in captivating contests that require both wit and wisdom.

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What Is Ludo?

Ludo, derived from the Latin word “ludus” meaning “game,” is a classic board game that has transcended generations and cultures. Played with dice and tokens, the game typically involves two to four players who race their tokens around a cross-shaped board divided into colored squares.

The objective of Ludo is simple yet engaging – to be the first to move all your tokens from the starting area to the center of the board, known as the “home.” The movement of tokens is determined by the roll of dice, adding an element of chance that keeps the game exciting. However, Ludo isn’t merely a game of luck; players must strategize to navigate their tokens while avoiding opponents’ tokens and strategically blocking their paths.

Ludo Culture takes this traditional game to the digital realm, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of Ludo anytime, anywhere, and even earn real rewards while doing so.

How To use Ludo Culture Referral Code & Get 100 Free

Embark on your Ludo Culture journey by following these simple steps:


      1. Download the App: Begin by downloading the Ludo Culture app on your device. Use this link to initiate the download.

      1. Installation: After clicking the link, you’ll be redirected to your browser. From there, click “Download Now” to install the Ludo Culture app.

      1. Sign-Up: Open the app and enter your mobile number. When prompted, select “Have a referral code” and input the code FREEPLAY.

      1. Verification: Complete the mobile number verification process by entering the OTP received on your device.

      1. Claim Your Bonus: Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered and are now eligible for a sign-up bonus of Rs.20.

    How To Get Rs.12,516 on Every Referral in Ludo Culture

    Boost your earnings with Ludo Culture’s referral program:


        1. Open the App: Launch the Ludo Culture app on your device.

        1. Referral Tab: Navigate to the Referral tab on the home page.

        1. Copy Your Code: Locate the referral code and copy it. Your code is FREEPLAY.

        1. Invite Friends: Invite your friends to join Ludo Culture using your referral code.

        1. Earn Big: For every friend who registers and starts playing using your referral code, you’ll earn a substantial Rs.12,516 reward.

      How to Withdraw Ludo Culture Cash to Your Bank Account

      Cashing out your Ludo Culture earnings is a breeze:


          1. My Wallet: Click on “My Wallet” within the app.

          1. Withdrawal: Choose the “Withdraw” option to initiate the cash withdrawal process.

          1. Complete KYC: Follow the steps to complete your KYC verification. Add your UPI and bank account details.

          1. Minimum Balance: Ensure your wallet balance is at least Rs.25 to proceed with the withdrawal.

          1. Instant Crediting: Once approved, your withdrawal amount will be instantly credited to your bank account.

        Final Words

        Ludo Culture isn’t just a game; it’s an exciting journey filled with challenges, victories, and endless fun. Play Ludo games, participate in tournaments, and make the most of your sign-up and referral bonuses to win real cash. If you find this information valuable, feel free to share it with your friends and family, and let the Ludo Culture adventure begin!

        General FAQs:

        1. What is Ludo Culture?
        Ludo Culture is an online platform that allows users to play the classic board game Ludo digitally, offering both free and real money games.

        2. How do I install the Ludo Culture app?
        To install the Ludo Culture app, visit the official website on your smartphone, enter your phone number, click on the “Get Download” tab, and follow the SMS link to download and install the app.

        3. Can I sign up with multiple accounts on my phone?
        No, you can only sign up with one account on your device.

        4. What should I do if I can’t log in with my email address?
        If you’re facing login issues with your email, try logging in using your phone number and OTP. For further assistance, you can contact customer support at

        5. What is the Ludo Culture referral code “FREEPLAY” for?
        The referral code “FREEPLAY” can be used during sign-up to avail of certain benefits offered by Ludo Culture.

        Fairplay and Policies FAQs

        5. What is the Fairplay Policy?
        The Fairplay Policy ensures that all games played on the Ludo Culture platform adhere to standards of fairness, skill, and sportsmanship. It outlines conduct expectations and measures to maintain fairness.

        6. What constitutes a Fairplay violation?
        Fairplay violations include hacking, using multiple accounts, or colluding with other players to manipulate scores. Violators face penalties including game restrictions, loss of wallet balance, and winnings.

        7. Is Ludo Culture RNG certified?
        Yes, Ludo Culture’s Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures fair gameplay. The system has been certified by iTechLabs to ensure random outcomes and fairness.

        Gameplay FAQs:

        8. What is Responsible Gaming?
        Responsible Gaming encourages players to play for entertainment and within their means. Players should avoid playing with essential funds, borrowings, or when emotionally distressed.

        9. Can I play Ludo Culture on my laptop or PC?
        Ludo Culture is designed as a mobile-first platform, so it’s primarily meant for smartphones.

        10. Can I play with friends on Ludo Culture?
        Currently, Ludo Culture does not offer the option to play with friends, but they’re working on enhancing the platform’s features.

        11. What happens if I get disconnected during a game?
        Ludo Culture attempts to reconnect you, but if the disconnection persists, you may lose the game and entry fee.

        12. How are winnings credited?
        Winnings are credited to your wallet immediately upon being declared a winner.

        13. How does a real money game work?
        Players add money to their wallets and select cash games or tournaments. Games commence when enough players join, and prize pools are distributed based on the chosen format.

        14. Can I win money on Ludo Culture?
        Yes, players can win real cash prizes and withdraw them through various payment methods.

        15. What are the different game formats?
        Ludo Culture offers different game formats, including 2-player and 4-player options, both in free and cash modes.

        16. How long does a Ludo Culture game last?
        A 2-player game has an 8-minute time limit, while a 4-player game has a 10-minute time limit.

        17. What is the purpose of “+56” when a token reaches home?
        When a token reaches “Home,” you receive 56 points. This is because each token must travel 56 boxes before reaching “Home.”

        18. How do I know the number of times I’ve skipped my turn?
        You can check the number of skipped turns by clicking on the icon next to your name during gameplay.

        These FAQs cover various aspects of using the Ludo Culture app, from installation to gameplay rules and features.

        Ludo Culture Referral Code

        Ludo Culture Referral Code ‘FREEPLAY’ and Download App To Get a Bonus of 100

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