IPL 2024: Punjab Kings’ Retention List, Released Players, and Auction Purse Overview

IPL 2024: Punjab Kings' Retained Players, Released Players, and Purse Remaining ahead of Auction

In the aftermath of an electrifying yet somewhat disappointing cricket World Cup in India, the focus shifts swiftly to the impending Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Amidst the anticipation, teams gear up for auctions, strategizing their player retentions and releases. One such team, the Punjab Kings (PBKS), known for their roller-coaster performances in the league, made some calculated moves leading up to the auctions.

Retained and Released Players

PBKS, eyeing their maiden IPL title, made notable changes in coaching and leadership in the previous season. Despite the alterations, their on-field performance didn’t reflect the fervor. With just 6 victories in 14 matches, PBKS missed the playoffs, leaving them eager for a revamp.

Ahead of the auction, PBKS made significant decisions regarding player retention and release. They bid adieu to players like Bhanuka Rajapaksa, Mohit Rathee, Baltej Dhanda, Raj Angad Bawa, and Shahrukh Khan. These moves signify the franchise’s intent to carve a more efficient and competitive roster for the forthcoming season.

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Purse and Strategic Plans

Interestingly, as the franchise braces itself for the IPL 2024 auction, PBKS sits atop the funds leaderboard, wielding a considerable purse of INR 24.1 Crore. This financial prowess positions them uniquely, providing ample room for strategic maneuvers and acquisitions.

However, amidst speculations and whispers, PBKS contemplates the prospect of parting ways with Sam Curran, their highest-priced acquisition from the previous seasons, for a notable 18.5 Crore. Despite his retention, Curran’s performance didn’t entirely align with the hefty price tag, sparking discussions about potential trades or releases.

The Retention and the Prospects

Amidst the churn, PBKS retained the seasoned expertise of Shikhar Dhawan, aiming to leverage his leadership and batting prowess. The roster boasts a mix of promising Indian talents like Arshdeep Singh, Prabhsimran Singh, and Jitesh Sharma, who vie for prominent positions within the squad.

The franchise’s strategic maneuvers aren’t limited to just retention and release. The recent introduction of the “TRADE” mechanism by the BCCI opens up new vistas for player exchanges. With murmurs about potential trades and a hefty purse at their disposal, PBKS stands at a pivotal juncture, poised to reshape their team dynamics and craft a formidable unit for the upcoming IPL season.

Punjab Kings (PBKS) Retained Players 2023

Shikhar Dhawan (C)Batter
Jitesh SharmaBatter
Prabhsimran SinghBatter
Jonny BairstowBatter/Wicket-keeper
Matthew ShortBatter
Atharva TaideBatter
Rishi DhawanBatter
Sam CurranAll-rounder
Sikandar RazaAll-rounder
Liam LivingstoneBatter
Gurnoor Singh BrarBowler
Shivam SinghBowler
Rahul ChaharBowler
Arshdeep SinghBowler
Harpreet BrarBowler
Vidwath KaverappaBowler
Prashant SolankiBowler
Nathan EllisBowler
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Opinion Trading Apps Like Probo

Punjab Kings (PBKS) Released Players 2023

Bhanuka RajapaksaBatter
Mohit RatheeAll-rounder
Baltej DhandaBowler
Raj Angad BawaAll-rounder
Shahrukh KhanBatter

Punjab Kings (PBKS) Purse Remaining 2023

INR 24.1 Crore

As the countdown to the auctions begins, PBKS’s strategic moves and potential acquisitions remain under the scanner. With a blend of seasoned campaigners and budding talents, the Punjab Kings aim to script a different tale in the forthcoming IPL, hoping to finally clinch the coveted title that has eluded them thus far.

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