USGC vs BER Dream11 Prediction | Player Stats, Playing 11, Top Picks, Fantasy Tips: ECS T10 Dresden 2021

USGC vs BER Dream11 Prediction

Today’s Match USGC vs BER Dream11 Prediction, USGC vs BER Player Stats and Record, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips: 29th & 30th Match: ECS T10 Dresden 2021, USG Chemnitz vs Berlin CC Dream11 Team Prediction, Live Score and Streaming

USGC vs BER Dream11 Prediction

USG Chemnitz and Berlin CC are lock horns in the 29th & 30th match of the ECS T10 Dresden 2021 at the venue of Rugby Cricket Dresden eV, Dresden this Monday. If you’re looking for USGC vs BER Player Stats, Dream11 Prediction then Fantasyexpertnews is the right place.

Berlin CC is still unbeaten in this tournament and they have 4 wins in 4 matches. In the last two matches against Britannia CC, they registered victory in a match by 5 runs (D/L method) and in another one was awarded due to lineups problem so Berlin CC got 2 points directly.

On the other hand, USG Chemnitz have played two matches in this competition and they have 1 win and 1 loss out of those. currently, they are in 4th place with 2 points.

USGC vs BER Match Details:

Match: USG Chemnitz vs Berlin CC
Competition: ECS T10 Dresden 2021
Time & Date: 24th August 2021, 12:30 PM & 02:30 PM(IST)
Venue: Rugby Cricket Dresden eV, Dresden

USGC vs BER Pitch Report

The pitch of Rugby Cricket Dresden eV provides a neutral wicket where both the departments are expected to receive a decent amount of help from the surface. Chasing will be a good option on this wicket.

USGC vs BER Team Squad

USG Chemnitz

Rajesh Nagaraja, Abdul Andar, Sandeep Shivalingegowda, Sahith Reddy Kusukuntla, Adith Narayanan, Samad Stanikzai, Gopinath Manoharan, Varun Soraganvi, Arul Rubesh, Akash Chougale, Ananthu Ajikumar, Karthik Manga, Abhishek Sahni, Saeedullah Amarkheal, Pavan Kumar Kota, Sibaji Roy, Anand Vishwam, Rohit Babbar, Deep Prakash, Momand Ebadullah, Tharun Ega, GN Khan, Ashu Loyalka, Tharun Gopi, Suhas Bhat.

Berlin CC

Saddam Gill, Reuben Davies, Karan Singh, Awais Zafar, Imran Bukhari, Mani CS, Ivan Doubell, Ata Ahmad, Manish Tiwari, Abhilash Anantharam, Makarand Parab, Nagapratap Mahanandhi, Alex Smith, Asad Baig, Rohit Grover, Sahil Lal, Nick Kraiger, Aarij Qureshi, Gaurav Kaduskar, Anas Sherwani, Vimal Marripeddi.

USGC vs BER Player Stats and Record

Let’s Find Player Stats for USGC vs BER Today’s ECS T10 Dresden match, that will help you to create a winning Dream11 Team.

USG Chemnitz Player Stats (Current Tournament)

Batting Stats

Abdulsamad Stanikzai22844542221.052
Varun Soraganvi22422242200
Gopinath Manoharan22292614.5170.59
GN khan22221411200
Rajesh Nagaraja2212912100
Abdul Basir Andar221095166.67
Momand Ebadullah21555166.67
Sandeep Shivalingegowda2122266.67
Adith Narayanan21111100
Sahith Reddy21
Saeedullah Amarkheal21

Bowling Stats

Adith Narayanan22432/1210.337.758
Varun Soraganvi210.222/01
Sahith Reddy22322/1015109
Rajesh Nagaraja22321/1419.5139
Momand Ebadullah22311/235016.6718
Abdul Andar22300/139.33
Saeedullah Amarkheal21100/2323

USG Chemnitz Player Stats (Past Stats)

Most Runs

Rajesh Nagaraja52487447416.9182.340
Rohit Babbar464670259*1860.8340
Abdul SAMAD Stanikzai23236478530.81130.9760
Abdul Basir Andar54466308115.37112.920
Gopinath Manoharan3029621108*23.8894.5221
GN Khan525057657*12.26111.8420
Sandeep Shivalingegowda50435586513.2968.0520
Karthikeyan Manga Loganathan454453358*12.455.9910
Abhishek Sahni24233455015.6885.8210
Varun Shrishail Soraganvi20163445524.57142.1510
Sahith Reddy Kusukuntla33283284611.7166.5300
Tharun Gopi272430453*1976.3810
Akash Chougale26232995216.6143.9110
Anand Vishwam161227151*30.1198.9110
Saeedullah Amarkheal21182245013.1895.7310
Deep Prakash684519421*7.1944.0900
Ashutosh Loyalka161315338*15.388.9500
Roy Sibaji871233117.57107.8900
Ananthu Ajikumar2013782515.682.9800
Arul Rubesh13107019*11.67101.4500
Tharun Kumar Ega39224111*3.7341.4100
Suhas K Bhat102312415.56200
Ebadullah Momand52201010111.1100
Naga Pavan Kumar6398*9112.500
Adith Narazanan Kumarankandam113541.6745.4500

Most Wickets

Deep Prakash681597946/3315.6616.995.53
Abdul Basir Andar541630645/1620.9725.474.94
GN Khan521122584/2418.9719.345.88
Tharun Kumar Ega391049545/916.3319.435.04
Rajesh Nagaraja521045475/1319.7422.235.33
Sahith Reddy Kusukuntla33610297/5016.2121.034.62
Saeedullah Amarkheal21411224/1419.2718.686.19
Abdul SAMAD Stanikzai23387222/1119.517.596.65
Akash Chougale26626224/1022.0928.454.66
Tharun Gopi27325152/1427.421.677.59
Adith Narazanan Kumarankandam11224103/2026.322.47.04
Ananthu Ajikumar20216103/1023.421.66.5
Varun Shrishail Soraganvi2012683/2319.8815.757.57
Karthikeyan Manga Loganathan4512472/152517.718.47
Ebadullah Momand56042/410.5154.2
Suhas K Bhat107842/818.519.55.69
Gopinath Manoharan304831/1215.67165.88
Abhishek Sahni245333/1918.6717.676.34
Rohit Babbar464821/324.5246.13
Anand Vishwam167211/1399728.25
Naga Pavan Kumar6
Roy Sibaji8
Ashutosh Loyalka16
Sandeep Shivalingegowda50
Arul Rubesh13

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Berlin CC Player Stats (Current Stats)

Batting Stats

Rohit Grover331066453203.8411
Nick Kraiger337851*39132.210
Manish Tiwari331612*16228.5700
Nagapratap Mahanandhi321386.586.6600
Reuben Davies1110101010000
Imran Bukhari3188*72.7200
Sahil Lal3364254.5400
Karan Singh3222*266.6600
Awais Zafar33210.6628.5700
Abhilash Anantharam32000000

Bowling Stats

Vimal Marripeddi1255/40.822.4
Nick Kraiger3553/17886
Imran Bukhari3532/8127.210
Karan Singh3232/106.339.54
Awais Zafar3521/6197.615
Nagapratap Mahanandhi3421/92110.512
Alex Smith2211/14422112

Berlin CC Player Stats (Past Stats)

Most Runs

Saddam Gill7069119385*20.5794.7850
Reuben Davies4545849102*21.2360.2711
Rohit Grover2621504106*2887.6411
Abhilash Anantharam413442550*14.1775.7210
Karan Veer singh454042169*12.3865.5410
Vimal Marripeddi433741045*11.7144.3400
Muhammad Awais Zafar413037947*17.2384.7200
Ivan Doubell18151683411.270.5900
Imran Bukhari241280241031.7500
Alexis Smith50388092.6720.2600
Manikandan Calavai Sabapathy131361124.6946.7200
Manish Tiwari6649158.1768.0600
Sahil Lal113333*13200
Makarand Parab74125363.1600
Asad Ali Baig3394328.1300
Gaurav Kaduskar2133342.8600
Nagapratap Mahanandhi1100000
Nick Kreiger11000000
Ataa Ahmed10
Aarij Quraishi10
Anas Shanwari10

Most Wickets

Alexis Smith501337755/015.6117.835.25
Saddam Gill701325664/817.9520.085.37
Muhammad Awais Zafar411212565/1516.5221.644.58
Karan Veer singh45921464/1114.9120.024.47
Vimal Marripeddi43934444/2116.6421.234.7
Rohit Grover26604344/3212.1817.764.11
Imran Bukhari24462193/4723.3224.325.75
Reuben Davies45490183/328.2227.226.22
Abhilash Anantharam411842/
Nick Kreiger12444/133.2563.25
Manish Tiwari66031/315.67204.7
Nagapratap Mahanandhi12433/82.6782
Ivan Doubell186121/830.530.56
Anas Shanwari11222/8464
Ataa Ahmed11211/66123
Asad Ali Baig33011/1432306.4
Aarij Quraishi1611/1111611
Gaurav Kaduskar22411/88242
Sahil Lal1600/33
Manikandan Calavai Sabapathy13
Makarand Parab7

USGC vs BER Playing 11 for Today’s Match

USG Chemnitz Playing 11

Samad Stanikzai, Gopinath Manoharan, GN Khan, Varun Soraganvi, Abdul Andar, Rajesh Nagaraja (c), Momand Ebadullah, Sandeep Gowda (wk), Sahith Reddy Kusukuntla, Saeedullah Amarkheal, Adith Narayanan.

Berlin CC Playing 11

Rohit Grover, Nick Kraiger, Sahil Lal, Reuben Davies, Awais Zafar (c), Manish Tiwari, Karan Singh, Abhilash Anantharam (wk), Imran Bukhari, Nagapratap Mahanandhi, Gaurav Kaduskar.

USGC vs BER Dream11 Top Picks


Samad Stanikzai
Gopinath Manoharan
Varun Soraganvi
Adith Narayanan


Rohit Grover
Nick Kraiger
Imran Bukhari
Awais Zafar

USGC vs BER Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

USGC vs BER Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

USGC vs BER Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

USGC vs BER Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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