STA vs HUR Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats & Records, Playing 11, Top Fantasy Picks, BBL 2023/24

STA vs HUR Dream11 Prediction

STA vs HUR Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats & Records, Playing 11, Top Fantasy Picks for Melbourne Stars vs Hobart Hurricanes, 38th T20 of Big Bash League 2023/24

STA vs HUR Dream11 Prediction

Melbourne Stars will take on Hobart Hurricanes in the 38th match of the Big Bash League 2023/24 on Monday. The match will take place at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

If you are fantasy cricket enthusiast and looking for STA vs HUR Dream11 Prediction and Player Stats then you’re in the right place. In this article we provide you player by player analysis and top fantasy picks and ultimate fantasy guild that help you to form a winning Dream11 Team for Todays Match.

STA vs HUR Match Preview

Melbourne Stars had a tough time lately, especially losing to city rivals Renegades by 6 wickets. The batsmen struggled, only managing 137 runs in 20 overs. With a low score to defend, the bowlers couldn’t make a breakthrough, resulting in a loss with 16 balls to spare. The Stars are sticking with the same squad from their last game, hoping for a better performance. Looking at their overall play, both batsmen and bowlers could have done better.

Hobart Hurricanes, on the other hand, are coming into this match with three consecutive losses. Their tournament didn’t go as planned, winning only 3 out of 9 matches and sitting at 6th position with a game in hand. They’ve struggled to go past the 180-run mark, showing a lack of firepower. Ben McDermott leads in batting with 211 runs in 7 matches, while skipper Nathan Ellis has taken the most wickets with 10 scalps. They’re looking to make up for an earlier loss to Melbourne Stars by 7 wickets (DLS method) in the tournament. The Hurricanes are eager to turn things around in this crucial match.

STA vs HUR Pitch Report

On the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s pitch, it’s a fair game for both batsmen and pacers. The battle between bat and ball is quite intense on this surface. In T20 matches, teams usually score around 141 in the first innings, and the average for the second innings is 124. It’s a real contest between the hitters and the bowlers at the MCG!

Total Match Played: 69
Batting First Won: 29
Batting Second Won: 39
Tie: 1
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 157
Highest Score: Melbourne Stars 273/2
Lowest Score: Adelaide Strikers 68/10

Scoring Pattern

Below Score 150: 30
Score between 150 and 169: 15
Score between 170 and 189: 19
Above Score 190: 5

STA vs HUR Head To Head

Total Matches Played: 20
Melbourne Stars Won: 13
Hobart Hurricane Won: 7

Head to Head at this Venue

Total Matches Played: 9
Melbourne Stars Won: 6
Hobart Hurricane Won: 3

Last 5 Head to Head

Melbourne Stars Won: 3
Hobart Hurricane Won: 2

Dream 11 Winner
2 Crore Winner of Dream 11

STA vs HUR Player Stats (In BBL 2024)

Melbourne Stars Batting Stats

GJ Maxwell8821135.16
BJ Webster8720734.52
HWR Cartwright9719539
TF Rogers9917725.28
MP Stoinis9812120.161
DW Lawrence4410125.251
LA Dawson333115.5
Imad Wasim622814
SB Harper75275.4
JA Burns112222
Usama Mir5393
Haris Rauf4288
J Merlo6384
JS Paris8252.5
PSP Handscomb213
OP Stone1122
NM Coulter-Nile2211
NCR Larkin1100
MT Steketee3100
SM Boland20
CJ Rocchiccioli10

Melbourne Stars Bowling Stats

GJ Maxwell86177
BJ Webster86126
Haris Rauf44126
JS Paris8824.56
Usama Mir55175
NM Coulter-Nile2283
SM Boland227.23
DW Lawrence4232
LA Dawson3310.12
Imad Wasim66212
CJ Rocchiccioli1131
MT Steketee3391
MP Stoinis97121
OP Stone1140
J Merlo6110

Hobart Hurricanes Batting Stats

BR McDermott7721142.22
M Wright7718626.571
CP Jewell9918420.44
N Chaudhary8514929.81
CJ Jordan96125251
MS Wade5512324.61
CJ Anderson9911022
TH David989616
SR Hain777911.281
MJ Owen112828
PG Dooley95258.33
NT Ellis931414
P Hatzoglou115
RP Meredith810
B Stanlake10

Hobart Hurricanes Bowling Stats

NT Ellis9932.110
CJ Jordan9930.28
RP Meredith8825.26
PG Dooley9930.56
N Chaudhary86165
CJ Anderson978.32
TH David9461
P Hatzoglou1140
B Stanlake1130
MJ Owen1110

STA vs HUR Team News

Melbourne Stars Team News

  • Melbourne Stars have announced an unchanged 14 players squad for this match.
  • Sam Harper is unavailable for this match.

Hobart Hurricanes Team News

  • Hobart Hurricane have announced a 14-player squad for Melbourne game.
  • Hain, Heazlett, Guthrie, Carlisle unavailable for this match.

STA vs HUR Probable Playing11

Melbourne Stars Playing 11

Tom RogersLHB
Dan LawrenceRHB/ROB
Beau WebsterRHB/ROB
Glenn MaxwellRHB/ROB
Marcus StoinisRHB/RMF
Hilton CartwrightRHB
Imad WasimLHB/LAO
Peter HandscombRHB/WK
Joel ParisLHB/LFM
Nathan Coulter Nile RHB/RAM
Scott BolandRHB/RFM

Starting Overs: Joel Paris, Scott Boland
Death Overs: Scott Boland, Nathan Coulter Nile

Bench Players:

  • Mark Steketee – RHB/RFM
  • Brody Couch – LHB/RAM
  • Nick Larkin – RHB
  • Corey Rocchiccioli – RHB/ROB
  • Jonathan Merlo – RHB/RMF
  • Joe Burns – RHB
  • Liam Dawson – RHB/LAO
  • Sam Harper – RHB/WK
  • Campbell Kellaway – LHB

Hobart Hurricanes Playing 11

Caleb JewellLHB
Ben McDermottRHB/WK
Macalister WrightRHB
Sam HainRHB
Tim DavidRHB/ROB
Corey AndersonLHB/LMF
Chris JordanRHB/RFM
Mitchell OwenRHB/RAM
Nathan EllisRHB/RFM
Patrick DooleyLHB/LWS
Riley MeredithRHB/RAF

Starting Overs: Riley Meredith, Nathan Ellis, Nikhil Chaudhary
Death Overs: Nathan Ellis, Chris Jordan, Riley Meredith


  • Peter Hatzoglou – RHB/RLB
  • Billy Stanlake – LHB/RAF
  • Sam Heazlett – LHB/LAO
  • Matthew Wade – LHB/WK
  • Nikhil Chaudhary – RHB/ROB
  • Iain Carlisle – LHB/RAM
  • Liam Guthrie – LHB/LAF

STA vs HUR Player Stats (Recent Form)

Melbourne Stars Player Recent Form

PlayerRecent Form
Dan Lawrence8, 36+0w(1), 7+2w(2), 50, 6, 0, 4, 24+0w(4), 93, 24
Tom Rogers23, 19, 42*, 8, 21*, 20, 21, 22, 1, 35, 41, 26
Beau Webster29+0w(1), 0+1w(3), 14+1w(1), 66*, 0w(1), 35+0w(2), 59+4w(4), 4, 14+1w, 0w
Glenn Maxwell20+0w(1), 31+0w(3), 32*+1w(3), 28+2w(3), 35*+3w(4), 12, 30, 23+1w(3), 104*+0w
Marcus Stoinis2+0w(2), 34, 0w(1), 55*+0w(2), 0+0w(1), 6+1w(2), 9+0w(2), 13+0w(2), 2, 17, 45+1w
Hilton Cartwright38, 29, #, #, 2, 47*, 22, 24, 33, 36, 33*, 7
Imad Wasim14+0w(3), 0w(4), 1w(3), 0w(4), 1w(3), 14+0w(4), 43*+0w, 15+1w, 41+2w, 3w, 18+0w
Peter Handscomb3, #, 0, 61, 3, 28, 36, 9, 5, 3, 15
Jonathan Merlo0w(1), #, #, 1*, 2, 5, 15+0w, 1+0w, 4
Nathan Coulter Nile2w(4), 1w(4), 0+1w, 1w, 1w, 3w, 2w, 1w, 1w, 1w, 0w
Joel Paris1w(3), 0w(3), 1w(2), 1w(4), 1w(3.4), 0w(4), 3+1w(2), 5+1w(4), 3+1w,
Scott Boland1w(3.2), 2w(4), 1w, 1w, 1w, 2w, 0w, 4w, 1w, 0w, 0w, 3w, 2w
Mark Steketee1w(2), 0w(4), 0w(3), 1w(2.3), 2w(4), 0w(4), 0w(2.4), 4w(4), 2w(4)
Sam Harper#, #, 0, 17, 5, 1, 4, 22, 1, 3, 8, 51
Nick Larkin0, 5*, 58, 21*, 9, 5*, 48*, 9*, 4, 12, 34
Corey Rocchiccioli1w(3), 0w, 1w, 2w, 2w
Olly Stone0w (4), 0w, 0w, 4w, 2w, 0w, 1w, 4w, 0w, 2w

Hobart Hurricanes Player Recent Form

PlayerRecent Form
Ben McDermott7, 95*, 16, 25, 53*, 4, 11, 54, 19, 22*, 3, 9, 0
Matthew Wade14, 15, 1, 82, 11, 22, 36*, 28*, 42*, 6, 0, 11
Macalister Wright37, 11, 0, 8, 34, 33, 63, 56, 6, 5, 15, 1, 8
Caleb Jewell32, 5, 4, 13, 31, 45, 0, 12, 42, 17, 7, 18, 8, 5
Nikhil Choudhary22+1w(3), 0+0w(4), 55+1w(2), 1w(2), 2w(4), 32, 40+0w(1), 5+0w, 7*, 18*
Tim David22+0w(1), 15, 27+0w(1), 6*+1w(1), #, 1, 12*+0w(3), 12, 1, 17, 19, 0
Corey Anderson18, 3+0w(1), 2+0w(1), 41*+0w(1), 12*, 5+0w(0.3), 4*+0w(1), 8+0w(1), 17+2w(3.3)
Chris Jordan7+1w(3), 30+1w(4), 2+3w(4), 0w(4), 2w(4), 11+0w(1), 0w(4), 59+1w(3), 16+0w(3.2)
Patrick Dooley0w(3), 1w(4), 1+1w(4), 0w(4), 2w(4), 1+0w(1), 2w(4), 3*+0w(4), 19+0w(3)
Nathan Ellis0w(3), 2w(4), 2*+2w(4), 1w(4), 1w(4), 10+1w(2), 2w(4), 0w(3.1), 2*+1w(4)
Riley Meredith0w(3), 1w(3), 0w(4), 1w(4), 0w(4), 0*+2w(2), 1w(4), 1w(1.3), 1w, 0*+1w
Sam Heazlett13, 1, 10, 9, 0, 4, 12, 26, 4, 26, 49
Mitchell Owen28+0w(1), 3+0w, 0+0w, 10+0w, 1w, 0*+0w, 7*+0w, 3*+0w, 2w, 16+0w
Billy Stanlake0w(3), 1w, 0w, 2w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 3w, 2w, 1w, 2w
Sam Hain0, 0, 51, 11, 14, 0, 3, 16, 30, 3*, 20, 63, 52, 12

STA vs HUR Top Fantasy Picks

Melbourne Stars Top Fantasy Picks

  • Marcus Stoinis
  • Hilton Cartwright
  • Glenn Maxwell
  • Beau Webster
  • Scott Boland

Hobart Hurricanes Top Fantasy Picks

  • Corey Anderson
  • Caleb Jewell
  • Ben McDermott
  • Nathan Ellis
  • Chris Jordan

STA vs HUR Captain And Vice-Captain Option

Small League Team: Glenn Maxwell, Beau Webster, Ben McDermott

Grand League Team: Marcus Stoinis, Tim David, Chris Jordan

Rank Booster Pick: Nikhil Choudhary

STA vs HUR Dream11 Team Prediction

Fantasy Expert Dream11 Fantasy Pick
WK – M Wade, B McDermott
Batters – H Cartwright, M Wright, T Rogers
All-Rounders – G Maxwell, M Stoinis, B Webster, C Jordan
Bowlers – S Boland, N Ellis
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STA vs HUR Dream11 Team Prediction

STA vs HUR Winner Prediction for Today Match?

Melbourne Stars to win

As per the predictions by Fantasy Expert News, the Melbourne Stars are considered the favorites to emerge victorious in the STA vs HUR match.

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