SPC vs KAM Player Stats and Record, Dream11 Prediction, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips: 3rd Match: ECS T10 Capelle 2021

SPC vs KAM Player Stats and Record

Today’s Match SPC vs KAM Player Stats and Record, Dream11 Prediction, Pitch Report, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips, Top Picks: 3rd Match: ECS T10 Capelle 2021, Sparta Cricket 1888 vs SV Kampong Cricket Live Score and Streaming Details

SPC vs KAM Dream11 Prediction

Sparta Cricket 1888 will take on SV Kampong Cricket in the third match of the ECS T10 Capelle 2021 at the venue of Sportpark Bermweg, Capelle this Monday. If you’re looking for SPC vs KAM Player Stats, Dream11 Prediction then Fantasyexpertnews is the right place.

Sparta Cricket 1888 will be more familiar with the conditions having featured in the opener and will start favorites as SV Kampong Cricket will need some time to get acclimatized to the playing conditions. Both teams have met twice in ECS before with SPC winning both the games on the way to the title last season.

SPC vs KAM Match Details:

Match: Sparta Cricket 1888 vs SV Kampong Cricket
Competition: ECS T10 Capelle 2021
Time & Date: 30th August 2021, 02:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Sportpark Bermweg, Capelle

SPC vs KAM Pitch Report

The pitch of Sportpark Bermweg is a balanced surface that provides help to both batsmen and bowlers, batting first is an ideal option after winning the toss.

Avg first Inning Score: 100

SPC vs KAM Team Squad

Sparta Cricket 1888 Squad

Mudassar Bukhari, Vikramjit Singh, Aryan Dutt, Max Hoornweg, Musa Ahmad, Joost Martijn Snoep, Manin Singh, Prithvi Balwantsingh, Ali Raza, Faisal Iqbal, Usman Saleem, Ivo Hoornweg, Sawan Sardha, Salman Yaqub, Garnett Tarr, Finley Bijkerk, Tom Hoornweg, Shariz Ahmad, Wahab Umar, Asief Hoseinbaks, Imran Choudry, Randeep Deol, Usman Ishfaq, Shahzad Khan.

SV Kampong Cricket Squad

Shaheryar Butt, Muhammad Usman Malik, Rana Siddique, Ratha Alphonse, Bilal Saleem, Kertan Nana, Vikram Chaturvedi, Mees Hoffmann, Adriaan Verbeek, Pierre Jacod, Tushar Bhakre, Md Abdul Kader, Saqlain Raja, Shivdutt Jhala, Andrew File, Ross Harmer, Dipesh Khardia, Akshay Kumar, Bhawik Nana, Roy Numair, Abdul Waqas Qadir, Alexander Roy, Tushar Sharma, Gert Swanepoel, Saurabh Zalpuri.

SPC vs KAM Player Stats and Record

Let’s Find Player Stats for SPC vs KAM Today’s ECS T10 Capelle match, that will help you to create a winning Dream11 Team.

Sparta Cricket 1888 Player Stats

Most Runs

Musa Ahmad (ECS T10)7725410442.33192.42
Aryan Dutt (ECS T10)7714748*24.5132.43
Shariz Ahmad (OD 2021)6513177*32.7554.81
Mudassar Bukhari (ECS T10)761294632.25215
Garnett Tarr (T20 2021)551237424.6126.8
Asief Hoseinbaks (OD 2021)1614120359.2347.24
Ali Raza (ECS T10)4411352*37.66176.56
Randeep Deol (OD 2021)55982919.648.28
Faisal Iqbal (ECS T10)32372618.5148
Vikramjit Singh (ECS T10)7524144.8100
Manin Singh (ECS T10)5316108160
Salman Yaqub (ECS T10)21151515150
Wahab Umar (OD 2021)33752.3325.93
Prithvi Balwantsingh (ECS T10)4111*50
Finley Bijkerk (T20 2021)110000
Tom Hoornweg (T20 2021)110000
Imran Choudry (T20 2021)310000
Usman Ishfaq (T20 2021)
Shahzad Khan (T20 2021)
Max Hoornweg (ECS T10)7
Joost Martijn Snoep (ECS T10)5
Usman Saleem (ECS T10)3
Ivo Hoornweg (ECS T10)3
Sawan Sardha (ECS T10)2

Most Wickets

Shariz Ahmad (OD 2021)674/4022.294.9826.86
Asief Hoseinbaks (OD 2021)1652/1834.24.2448.4
Mudassar Bukhari (ECS T10)71142/2326.759.7216.5
Max Hoornweg (ECS T10)71241/1733.2511.0818
Joost Martijn Snoep (ECS T10)51041/1224.759.915
Usman Saleem (ECS T10)3644/811.757.839
Vikramjit Singh (ECS T10)7632/1116.668.3312
Musa Ahmad (ECS T10)7532/311810.810
Manin Singh (ECS T10)52.322/2015.512.47.5
Faisal Iqbal (ECS T10)3621/10268.6618
Sawan Sardha (ECS T10)2122/2123
Salman Yaqub (ECS T10)2222/2311.511.56
Aryan Dutt (ECS T10)7311/8301018
Ivo Hoornweg (ECS T10)3211/24241212
Imran Choudry (T20 2021)300/115.5
Garnett Tarr (T20 2021)5
Finley Bijkerk (T20 2021)1
Tom Hoornweg (T20 2021)1
Wahab Umar (OD 2021)3
Randeep Deol (OD 2021)5
Usman Ishfaq (T20 2021)
Shahzad Khan (T20 2021)
Prithvi Balwantsingh (ECS T10)4
Ali Raza (ECS T10)4
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SV Kampong Cricket Player Stats

Most Runs

Bhawik Nana (2021)881854530.83
Shivdutt Jhala (2021)971504530
Tushar Sharma (2021)991426715.78
Shaheryar Butt (ECS T10)771385123179.22
Ross Harmer (2021)5412751*63.5
Ratha Alphonse (ECS T10)661134618.83168.65
Alexander Roy (2021)761053317.5
Akshay Kumar (2021)107822213.83
Md Abdul Kader (2021)756433*21.33
Saqlain Raja (2021)64632915.7578.75
Vikram Chaturvedi (ECS T10)446246*31206.66
Bilal Saleem (ECS T10)656122*61174.28
Dipesh Khardia (2021)22402020
Muhammad usman malik (ECS T10)762818787.5
Pierre Jacod (ECS T10)21242424133.33
Mees Hoffmann (ECS T10)312020*142.85
Gert Swanepoel (2021)8618134.5
Andrew File (2021)431798.5
Abdul Waqas Qadir (2021)2214714
Rana Siddique (ECS T10)7144457.14
Kertan Nana (ECS T10)5233*360
Roy Numair (2021)51333
Adriaan Verbeek (ECS T10)2
Tushar Bhakre (ECS T10)1
Saurabh Zalpuri (2021)6

Most Wickets

Saqlain Raja (2021)644.3135/3912.62
Akshay Kumar (2021)10135/1812.69
Saurabh Zalpuri (2021)6108/1310
Rana Siddique (ECS T10)71493/1713.33
Muhammad Usman Malik (ECS T10)71482/610.62
Tushar Sharma (2021)963/3113.17
Gert Swanepoel (2021)862/826.67
Md Abdul Kader (2021)751/424.2
Bilal Saleem (ECS T10)6532/1414.66
Kertan Nana (ECS T10)5932/1828.66
Roy Numair (2021)532/6542.33
Shivdutt Jhala (2021)921/1341
Andrew File (2021)421/1748
Adriaan Verbeek (ECS T10)2111/1717
Pierre Jacod (ECS T10)2111/1515
Tushar Bhakre (ECS T10)1111/1010
Ross Harmer (2021)511/935
Bhawik Nana (2021)811/2727
Alexander Roy (2021)711/1152
Shaheryar Butt (ECS T10)7
Ratha Alphonse (ECS T10)6
Vikram Chaturvedi (ECS T10)4
Mees Hoffmann (ECS T10)3
Dipesh Khardia (2021)2
Abdul Waqas Qadir (2021)2

SPC vs KAM Probable Playing 11 for Today’s Match

Sparta Cricket 1888 Playing 11

Garnett Tarr (wk), Musa Ahmad, Vikramjit Singh, Aryan Dutt, Shariz Ahmad, Finley Bijkerk, Tom Hoornweg, Joost Martijn Snoep (c), Prithvi Balwantsingh, Danish Umar, Salman Yaqub.

SV Kampong Cricket Playing 11

Usman Malik, Ratha Alphonse, Shaheryar Butt, Adrian Verbeek, Saqlain Raja, Vikram Chaturvedi, Bilal Saleem, Mees Hoffmann, Rana Siddique, Pierre Jacod, Tushar Bhakre.

SPC vs KAM Dream11 Top Picks


Garnett Tarr
Musa Ahmad
Vikramjit Singh
Aryan Dutt
Salman Yaqub


Usman Malik
Ratha Alphonse
Shaheryar Butt
Bilal Saleem
Rana Siddique

SPC vs KAM Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

SPC vs KAM Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

SPC vs KAM Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

SPC vs KAM Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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