SPA vs MIN Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Top Picks, Live Score, 1st Match: FanCode Spanish Championship Weekend T10, 2021

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Prediction

Today’s Match SPA vs MIN Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Top Picks, Live Score, 1st Match: FanCode Spanish Championship Weekend T10 2021, Sporting Alfas vs Minhaj Match Prediction, Small and Grand League Team

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Prediction

FanCode Spanish Championship Weekend T10 2021 is set to begin on 30th October and the tournament will take place in Alicante will see four teams playing in a round-robin-style contest. A total of eight matches will be played in the tournament across the weekend i.e two days. We will discuss SPA vs MIN Dream11 Team Prediction and Player Stats here.

The first match of FanCode Spanish Championship Weekend T10 will be played between Sporting Alfas vs Minhaj at the venue of Sporting Alfas Cricket Club, Alicante.

Sporting Alfas recently played in ECS T10 Spain, L’Alfas del Pi, where they played eight matches in the competition and successfully registered six victories and two defeats and finished at top of the table.

On the other hand, Minhaj appeared in ECS T10 Spain, Barcelona where they finished their campaign at 2nd place in their Group’s points table. They played 10 matches in the competition while managed to win eight matches and faced defeats in two games.

SPA vs MIN Match Details:

Match: Sporting Alfas vs Minhaj
Competition: FanCode Spanish Championship Weekend T10, 2021
Time & Date: 30th October 2021, 12:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Sporting Alfas Cricket Club, Alicante

SPA vs MIN Pitch Report:

The pitch of Sporting Alfas Cricket Club has been a balanced track where both batters and bowlers get equal assistance. Batting First will be a good option.

SPA vs MIN Team Squad

Sporting Alfas Squad

Chris Munoz-Mills, Awais Ahmed, Tauqeer Hussain, Jack Perman, Waqar Ashraf, Antonio Brown, Ahmad Jamshaid, Kieran Perman, Jamie Roper, Phill Pennick, Darren Walker, Rhys Fowler, Tyler Hogan, Ian Byrne, Stuart Anderson, Imran Muhammad, Ben Marriner, Jake Sunderland, Paul Quinlan.

Minhaj Squad

Alumdar Hussain, Asjad Butt, Jafar Iqbal, Khizar Ali, Usman Mushtaq, Amar Shahzad, Muhammad Riaz, Khalid Mehmood, Yasin Javaid, Uneeb Shah, Nadeem Muhammad, M Sheraz Arshad.

SPA vs MIN Player Stats and Record

Sporting Alfas Player Stats (Past Stats)

Batting Stats

Awais Ahmed3330947107*31.56197.2914
Jack Perman (ECC T10)18133154624.23195.6500
Tyler Hogan (T20D)75130492697.0100
Chris Munoz-Mills (ECC T10)1891014211.22120.2300
Rhys Fowler (T20D)6222181111000
Kieran Perman722115217000
Stuart Anderson221411760.8700
Jamie Roper22131113144.4400
Ahmad Jamshaid (T20D)921161111000
Phill Pennick6177787.500
Darren Walker6166*20000
Waqar Ashraf7132*36000
Tauqeer Hussain (T20D)222124000
Antonio Brown20000
Ian Byrne (ECS T10)500
Ben Marriner (T20D)310*00

Bowling Stats

Ahmad Jamshaid (T20D)9721621.836.2421
Waqar Ashraf7711.152/162611.6413.4
Tauqeer Hussain (T20D)22845.752.8812
Kieran Perman74641/915.7510.59
Jack Perman (ECC 10)185622/324615.3318
Darren Walker65821/1340.510.1224
Tyler Hogan (T20D)77509.4
Ben Marriner (T20D)3
Ian Byrne (ECS T10)5
Chris Munoz-Mills (ECC T10)18
Awais Ahmed33
Antonio Brown2
Jamie Roper2
Phill Pennick66
Rhys Fowler (T20D)6

Sporting Alfas Player Stats (Recent T10 Tournament)

Most Runs

Jack Perman771402823.3317500
Paul Quinlan751204824184.6100
Jamie Roper776531*32.5141.300
Chris Munoz-Mills22473023.5174.0700
Tyler Hogan642911*29103.5700
Phill Pennick732311*23109.5200
Ahmad Jamshaid7322147.3322000
Antonio Brown742015590.900
Jake Sunderland7319169.5135.7100
Waqar Ashraf7100*000

Most Wickets

Ahmad Jamshaid71085/58.626.97.5
Darren Walker71453/720.67.3516.8
Jake Sunderland71442/118.55.2821
Waqar Ashraf71143/423.258.4516.5
Paul Quinlan711.342/17289.7317.25
Jamie Roper7421/822.511.2512
Chris Munoz-Mills2211/28412
Antonio Brown7100/1212
Jack Perman7100/1919

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Minhaj Player Stats (T10 Stats)

Batting Stats

Asjad Butt292778384*43.5209.9207
Alumdar Hussain17162946418.37156.3802
Jafar Iqbal22192737117.06170.6202
Usman Mushtaq26242724216151.1100
Muhammad Riaz551425028.420001
Khizar Ali881267015.75155.5501
Khalid Mehmood106423010.512000
Nadeem Muhammad5519103.890.4700
Amar Shahzad1831716*8.5121.4200
Yasin Javaid15376*5000
M Sheraz Arshad (T20D)112225000
Uneeb Shah10

Bowling Stats

Yasin Javaid151220.4143/615.2110.38.85
Usman Mushtaq26813103/141612.37.8
Amar Shahzad181627.2103/1429.210.6816.4
Uneeb Shah1081383/912.57.699.75
Khalid Mehmood1071472/1616.718.3512
Asjad Butt29101452/3135.612.7116.8
Muhammad Riaz54842/1022.511.2512
Alumdar Hussain173531/8148.410
Nadeem Muhammad55832/1328.6610.7516
Khizar Ali85611/181021736
Jafar Iqbal22
M Sheraz Arshad (T20D)11

SPA vs MIN Probable Playing 11 for Today’s Match

Sporting Alfas Playing 11

Awais Ahmad, Jack Perman (wk), Chris Munoz-Mills (c), Jamie Roper, Antonio Brown, Ahmad Jamshaid, Paul Quinlan, Waqar Ashraf, Imran Muhammad, Jake Sunderland, Darren Walker.

Minhaj Playing 11

Muhammad Riaz, Asjad Butt, Jafar Iqbal, Alumdar Hussain, Usman Mushtaq, Khizar Ali, Amar Shahzad, Khalid Mehmood, Yasin Javaid, Uneeb Shah, Nadeem Muhammad.

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Top Picks


  • Awais Ahmad
  • Jack Perman
  • Ahmad Jamshaid
  • Darren Walker
  • Paul Quinlan


  • Muhammad Riaz
  • Asjad Butt
  • Jafar Iqbal
  • Alumdar Hussain
  • Yasin Javaid

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

SPA vs MIN Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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