SKN vs JAM Player Matchups 7th Match CPL T20 2023 | St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Jamaica Tallawahs

SKN vs JAm Player Matchups 7th Match CPL T20 2023 | St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Jamaica Tallawahs

SKN vs JAM Player Matchups | 7th Match CPL T20

SKN vs JAM Player Matchups 7th Match CPL T20 2023 | St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Jamaica Tallawahs. Today we have given you Fantasy Matchup / Player Matchup / Player Battle / Batsman vs Bowler for match number 7th of CPL (Caribbean Premier League 2023) with the help of which you guys will be able to make a better Dream11 team.

What are Cricket Player Matchups or Player Battles?

We can tell by looking at the Cricket player’s matchup, how that player’s performance has been against any bowler, can we add him to our fantasy team or not. Here is the 7th match of the CPL 2023 Player Battle/Player Matchup which will be played between St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Jamaica Tallawahs.

Let’s Check SKN vs JAM Player Matchups

Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 2023 Standings

The table below showcases the current standings of the teams in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 2023. As the tournament unfolds, these statistics provide valuable insights into the teams’ performance and positions. Let’s take a closer look at how the teams are faring:

In the ongoing Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 2023, both the SKN and JAM have been showing their mettle with a series of wins and losses. St Kitts and Nevis Patriots have participated in two matches so far, managing to avoid any losses yet, with a tally of two no-results. On

the other side, the Jamaica Tallawahs have secured victory in one out of the two matches they have played, showcasing a promising start to the tournament. With both teams actively engaged in the competition, it’s evident that they’re determined to make their mark in this year’s CPL T20 season. As the tournament progresses, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate how these teams will further shape their win-loss records, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

St Lucia Kings4110241.075
Jamaica Tallawahs2100130.550
St Kitts and Nevis Patriots2000220.000
Barbados Royals201011-2.700
Guyana Amazon Warriors1000110.000
Trinbago Knight Riders1000110.000

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Jamaica Tallawahs batters vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots bowlers

JAM batters vs SKN Bowlers Player Battles

Amir JangooSherfane Rutherford3614
Amir JangooSheldon Cottrell2503
Amir JangooCorbin Bosch0303
Amir JangooOshane Thomas1100
Alex HalesDominic Drakes201306
Alex halesSheldon Cottrell0202
Brandon KingSheldon Cottrell8064540
Brandon KingOshane Thomas3318214
Brandon KingDominic Drakes14906
Brandon KingCorbin Bosch13602
Brandon KingSherfane Rutherford5402
Imad WasimDominic Drakes9713
Imad WasimCorbin Bosch2311
Jermaine BlackwoodSheldon Cottrell14903
Jermaine BlackwoodAshmead Nedd10701
Jermaine BlackwoodYannic Cariah1201
Joshua JameDominic Drakes1101
Raymon ReiferSheldon Cottrell131106
Raymon ReiferCorbin Bosch2301
Raymon ReiferSherfane Rutherford2200
Raymon ReiferDominic Drakes7201
Sharmarh BrooksOshane Thomas4725011
Sharmarh BrooksDominic Drakes12605

St Kitts and Nevis Patriots batters vs Jamaica Tallawahs bowlers

SKN batters vs JAM Bowlers Player Battles

ADS FletcherImad Wasim6665029
ADS FletcherCJ Green5155230
ADS FletcherMohammad Amir2641126
ADS FletcherRA Reifer6532010
ADS FletcherFA Allen272128
ADS FletcherNA Gordon121316
ADS FletcherHR Walsh7815
C BoschImad Wasim161718
C BoschCJ Green5905
C BoschMohammad Amir4714
C BoschJM James7602
C BoschFA Allen12501
C BoschNA Gordon3311
D BrevisHR Walsh171006
D BrevisImad Wasim1918
D BrevisNA Gordon7301
D BrevisMohammad Amir0101
E LewisCJ Green4740218
E LewisMohammad Amir171629
E LewisHR Walsh271316
E LewisRA Reifer11713
E LewisImad Wasim5412
GF LindeCJ Green1413
J Da SilvaCJ Green819012
J Da SilvaRA Reifer5702
J Da SilvaHR Walsh3401
J Da SilvaImad Wasim1100
SE RutherfordMohammad Amir2724015
SE RutherfordCJ Green151606
SE RutherfordRA Reifer131415
SE RutherfordHR Walsh19906
SE RutherfordNA Gordon8411
SE RutherfordImad Wasim7402
SE RutherfordFA Allen1201
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