RCD vs VIK Player Stats and Record, Dream11 Prediction, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips: 13th & 14th Match: ECS T10 Dresden 2021

RCD vs VIK Player Stats and Record

Today’s Match RCD vs VIK Player Stats and Record, RCD vs VIK Dream11 Prediction, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips: 13th & 14th Match: ECS T10 Dresden 2021, RC Dresden vs FC Viktoria 89 Dream11 Team Prediction, Live Score and Streaming

RCD vs VIK Dream11 Prediction

RC Dresden and FC Viktoria 89 are lock horns in the 13th and 14th match of the FanCode ECS T10 Dresden 2021 at the venue of Rugby Cricket Dresden eV, Dresden this Monday. If you’re looking for RCD vs VIK Player Stats, Dream11 Prediction then Fantasyexpertnews is the right place.

RC Dresden are still unbeaten in this tournament, they have four wins in four matches so far. In their previous match, they beat SG Einheit Halle by 6 wickets. They are leading the points table with 8 points.

On the other hand, FC Viktoria 89 haven’t a good start as they won their opening match against BSC Rehberge 1945 by 8 wickets but just after that match they beat the same team by 7 wickets and made a good come back. In their last two matches, they registered victory against Fuchse Berlin Lions by 5 runs and by 1 run in respective clashes.

RCD vs VIK Match Details:

Match: RC Dresden vs FC Viktoria 89
Competition: ECS T10 Dresden 2021
Time & Date: 16 August 2021, 12:00 PM & 02:00 PM(IST)
Venue: Rugby Cricket Dresden eV, Dresden

RCD vs VIK Pitch Report

The pitch of Rugby Cricket Dresden eV is a neutral track that provides plenty of assistance to both batsmen and bowlers. batting first will be a good option and Avg first Inning Score should be around 90.

RCD vs VIK Team Squad

RC Dresden

Sandeep Kamboj, Kapil Chandnani, Mustafa Khan, Gulzar Rasool, Shahrukh Khan, Rahul Grover, Vivek Nandkumar, Azam Rajput, Almas Tariq, Aniruddh Das, Belal Zadran, Nilakantha Sahoo, Norullah Salarzai, Waris Taghr, Arun Harkanchi, Amrit Pal, Ijaz Ahmed, Hammad Ali, Hossain Mobarak, Surendra Prasad, Harisha Sreekantaiah, Sachin Kumar, Roman Sahar, Vikas Manjunatha, Bilal Sheikh, Shanku Bhowmick.

FC Viktoria 89

Zahid Mahmood, Zeeshan Sahi, Usman Hadi, Zamir Haider, Ehsan Latif, Tojo Thomas, Rohit Unnithan, Tanvir Butt, Bilal Hussain, Andi Miirza, Raza Amar, Arjun Nagathankandy, Waleed Aslam, Harsha Gopireddy, Harsha Busireddy, Juno Varghese, Manu Thomas, Sonam Ravi, Akhil Garje, Munir Hussain, Asad Hussain.

RCD vs VIK Player Stats and Record

RC Dresden Player Stats (Past Data)

Most Runs

Aniruddh Das (Cr)48425074112.6863.7500
Shanku Bhowmick (Cr)27233514115.26119.1600
Sandeep Kamboj (ECS T10)101020138*22.33143.5700
Ijaz Ahmed (Cr)661986933154.6920
Vikas Manjunatha (Cr)1717131317.7166.1600
Vivek Nandkumar (ECS T10)779938*24.7510000
Hossain Mobarak (Cr)558652*21.581.910
Arun Harkanchi (Cr)1077837*15.612000
Amrit Pal (Cr)151275316.8270.300
Mustafa Khan (ECS T10)95703014134.6100
Shahrukh Khan (ECS T10)84512712.75121.4200
Almas Tariq (Cr)121048186.8682.7600
Kapil Chandnani (ECS T10)10644181111000
Gulzar Rasool (ECS T10)863621*9124.1300
Hammad Ali (Cr)5535188.7566.0400
Nilakantha Sahoo (Cr)1582911*5.861.700
Belal Zadran (ECS T10)2166*20000
Waris Taghr (Cr)64531.6741.6700
Norullah Salarzai (Cr)213335000
Harisha Sreekantaiah (Cr)22321.56000
Bilal Sheikh (Cr)213336000
Azam Rajput (ECS T10)412225000
Roman Sahar (Cr)4122*10000
Rahul Grover (ECS T10)7
Surendra Prasad (Cr)
Sachin Kumar (Cr)

Most Wickets

Aniruddh Das (Cr)4892.5367/2514.115.4715.47
Nilakantha Sahoo (Cr)1565.3193/1715.634.5320.68
Amrit Pal (Cr)1542.5125/9174.7621.42
Hossain Mobarak (Cr)51621/1182.510.3148
Almas Tariq (Cr)122783/3819.255.720.25
Kapil Chandnani (ECS T10)1020164/
Ijaz Ahmed (Cr)62392/15135.0915.33
Hammad Ali (Cr)51873/3016.576.4415.43
Waris Taghr (Cr)614.311/8956.5587
Rahul Grover (ECS T10)711113/4776
Norullah Salarzai (Cr)2555/3411.611.66
Gulzar Rasool (ECS T10)8511/18489.630
Harisha Sreekantaiah (Cr)2600/135.83
Vikas Manjunatha (Cr)17332/1010106
Bilal Sheikh (Cr)2311/10237.6718
Roman Sahar (Cr)4322/20106.679
Shahrukh Khan (ECS T10)8122/6363
Sandeep Kamboj (ECS T10)10
Mustafa Khan (ECS T10)9
Vivek Nandkumar (ECS T10)7
Azam Rajput (ECS T10)4
Belal Zadran (ECS T10)2
Arun Harkanchi (Cr)10
Shanku Bhowmick (Cr)27
Surendra Prasad (Cr)
Sachin Kumar (Cr)

FC Viktoria 89 Player Stats (Past Data)

Most Runs

Usman Hadi565310769223.39120.9140
Zeeshan Sahi87726858210.3862.6830
Bilal Hussain53456746316.4458.0130
Raza Amar45405555715.8664.6130
Zamir Haider544750046*11.956.5600
Andi Miirza6348358319.4270.6700
Waleed Aslam22192853416.76106.3700
Tanvir Butt121228274*25.64107.1420
Ehsan Latif795018615*6.4148.9100
Zahid Mahmood661638227.17149.5420
Arjun Nagathankandy771606222.86149.5310
Munir Hussain171414039*12.7374.0700
Harsha Gopireddy76932518.6101.0900
Rohit Unnithan557542*18.75122.9500
Asad Hussain66714411.8337.500
Tojo Thomas765334*10.6129.2700
Harsha Busireddy6421175.2551.2200
Akhil Garje2219139.59500
Juno Varghese6386*872.7300
Sonam Ravi2232*5000
Manu Thomas40

Most Wickets

Ehsan Latif7926561235/1714.4921.594.03
Zeeshan Sahi871774784/1415.7222.744.15
Usman Hadi561335555/2218.3324.274.53
Raza Amar45896343/2119.2926.354.39
Arjun Nagathankandy7104105/229.510.45.48
Bilal Hussain5318582/1020.523.135.32
Harsha Gopireddy716273/2118.4323.144.78
Juno Varghese612662/1718.67215.33
Tojo Thomas78753/816.817.45.79
Sonam Ravi24143/23910.255.27
Harsha Busireddy67232/2025246.25
Manu Thomas49031/523304.6
Zahid Mahmood67821/2946397.08
Zamir Haider544811/3434484.25
Andi Miirza636511/243653.97
Waleed Aslam22211/77221
Asad Hussain61811/914184.67
Rohit Unnithan51200/2311.5
Tanvir Butt125200/01.62
Akhil Garje2
Munir Hussain17

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RCD vs VIK Player Stats (Current Season)

RCD Player Stats


Gulzar Rasool22826682210.261
Hossain Mobarak22301730125
Mustafa Khan Yousefzai22271413.596.43
Sandeep Kamboj22251912.5178.57
Belal Zadran21666200
Arun Kumar Harkanchi21
Amrit Pal21


Rahul Grover22453/1384.8
Amrit Pal22432/88.258
Sandeep Kamboj21222/178.56
Gulzar Rasool22421/96.7512
Hossain Mobarak210.211/132
Belal Zadran21211/12612

Note: Watch This Space for Updated Player Stats

VIK Player Stats


Zahid Mahmood44964432204.26
Usman Hadi43745324.67176.191
Arjun Nagathankandy44553113.75127.91
Waleed Aslam22343017178.95
Rohit Unnithan32332033157.14
Harsha Gopireddy42271927158.82
Zamir Haider4322197.33115.79
Zeeshan Sahi4287480
Akhil Garje1177787.5
Asad Hussain44541.6771.43
Ehsan Latif4243480
Tojo Thomas1111150
Harsha Busireddy41


Ehsan Latif44883/456
Zahid Mahmood43642/1689
Harsha Gopireddy44842/1410.6312
Juno Varghese11111/27276
Harsha Busireddy44711/2411.2942
Usman Hadi43500/913.00
Zeeshan Sahi41200/1618.00

RCD vs VIK Live Score:

Cricket Fans can Enjoy ECS Germany Dresden T10 Match RCD vs VIK Live Score and Streaming in the FanCode Mobile App and official YouTube Channel of Europen Cricket Network.

RCD vs VIK Probable Playing11 for Today’s Match

RC Dresden Playing11

Mustafa Khan, Sandeep Kamboj (c), Shahrukh Khan, Kapil Chandnani, Vikas Manjunatha, Azam Rajput, Nilakantha Sahoo, Hammad Ali, Tamaljit Day (wk), Rahul Grover, Foqrul Islam.

FC Viktoria 89 Playing 11

Arjun Nagathankandy, Usman Hadi, Zahid Mahmood, Zamir Haider, Rohit Unnithan (wk), Asad Hussain, Zeeshan Sahi (c), Ehsan Latif, Harsha Gopireddy, Harsha Busireddy, Juno Varghese.

RCD vs VIK Dream11 Top Picks


Mustafa Khan
Sandeep Kamboj
Rahul Grover
Azam Rajput
Kapil Chandnani


Arjun Nagathankandy
Usman Hadi
Zahid Mahmood
Ehsan Latif
Zamir Haider

RCD vs VIK Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

RCD vs VIK Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

RCD vs VIK Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

RCD vs VIK Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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