OUT vs MOU ESports Dream11 Prediction, CS: GO IEM Rio Major 2022, Player Stats, Lineups, Winning Tips

OUT vs MOU ESports Dream11 Prediction

OUT vs MOU ESports Dream11 Prediction, CS: GO IEM Rio Major 2022, Outsiders vs MOUZ Fantasy ESports Prediction, Player Stats, Probable Lineups, Live Match Score & Streaming, and Winning Tips

OUT vs MOU ESports Match Preview

Teams: Outsiders vs MOUZ
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Tournament: 2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Rio
Stage: Bracket – Semi-Final
Sub Stage: Bracket
Date & Time: 13 November 2022, 02:00 AM (IST)

OUT vs MOU ESports Dream11 Prediction

The #1 Semifinal Match of the CS: GO 2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Rio will be played between Outsiders vs Fnatic. if you’re looking for OUT vs MOU Dream11 Prediction then you’re at the right place.

Outsiders registered a victory against Fnatic in the quarterfinal match of this tournament they won the match with a score of 2-0. In that match, FL1T is the highest kill maker with 43 kills & 11 assists and Jame also picked 38 kills & 9 assists in both matches.

On the other hand, MOUZ played their last match against Cloud9 and they won that match by 2 – 1 in three rounds. JDC picked most 18 kills along with torzsi (17 kills) and Dexter (17 kills) in the first round. In the 2nd Match (Round) frozen picked 25 kills while torzsi and xertioN picked 21 kills each. In the Final and decider round, every player did a brilliant job and frozen and xertioN picked 21 kills each while Dexter and JDC picked 17 kills each.

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OUT vs MOU ESports Team Performance

Recent Form:

Outsiders: W W W L L

Head-to-Head Encounters:

Matches Played: 4
Outsiders Won: 2
MOUZ Won: 2

OUT vs MOU ESports Overall Statstics

World Ranking: OUT – 6 | MOU – 9

Winrate: OUT – 60% | MOU – 56%

Total Matches: OUT – 68 | MOU – 1036

Most Picked Map
OUT – Inferno: 48% | MOU –Mirage: 22%

Most Banned Map
OUT – Nuke: 41% | MOU: Overpass: 33%

Pistol Round Winrate
OUT – 47% | MOU – 51%

Top Map Performances


Dust II – 66%
Inferno – 62%
Overpass – 60%
Mirage – 59%


Train – 59%
Nuke – 59%
Mirage – 58%
Dust II – 56%
Cache – 53%
Inferno – 51%
Overpass – 48%
Cobblestone – 47%

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OUT vs MOU ESports Player Stats

OUT (Outsiders) Player Stats

FL1T (Jenya Lebedev)

KDR: 1.14
Win Rate: 60%
Total games – 1042
Kills per game – 19.61
Deaths per game – 17.23
Assists per game – 3.70

Jame (Ali Djami)

KDR: 1.30
Win Rate: 59%
Total games – 914
Kills per game – 18.77
Deaths per game – 14.41
Assists per game – 2.53

Qikert (Aleksei Golybev)

KDR: 1.04
Win Rate: 59%
Total games – 929
Kills per game – 17.88
Deaths per game – 17.11
Assists per game – 3.46

Fame (Petr Bolyshev)

KDR: 1.09
Win Rate: 55%
Total games – 484
Kills per game – 19.10
Deaths per game – 17.49
Assists per game – 3.08

n0rb3r7 (David Danielyan)

KDR: 1.04
Win Rate: 54%
Total games – 797
Kills per game – 18.65
Deaths per game – 17.96
Assists per game – 3.45

MOU (MOUZ) Player Stats

Dexter (Christopher Nong)

KDR: 1.00
Win Rate: 61%
Total games – 641
Kills per game – 17.85
Deaths per game – 17.77
Assists per game – 3.75

JDC (Jon de Castro)

KDR: 1.00
Win Rate: 51%
Total games – 438
Kills per game – 17.23
Deaths per game – 17.23
Assists per game – 3.28

Frozen (David Cernansk)

KDR: 1.15
Win Rate: 56%
Total games – 817
Kills per game – 18.87
Deaths per game – 16.47
Assists per game – 3.53

torzsi (Adam Torzsas)

KDR: 1.21
Win Rate: 53%
Total games – 433
Kills per game – 19.26
Deaths per game – 15.91
Assists per game – 2.64

XertioN (Dorian Berman)

KDR: 1.09
Win Rate: 69%
Total games – 269
Kills per game – 18.40
Deaths per game – 16.88
Assists per game – 3.91

OUT vs MOU Players Recent Form

Outsiders Players (Last Game)

Outsiders – Overall Last Match Scorecard

PlayersMapsKillsHeadShotsAssistDeathsKill/Death Diff
FL1T – Evgeny Lebedev24321122914
fame – Petr Bolyshev2391682811
Jame – Dzhami Ali23812102216
qikert- Alexey Golubev229141033-4
n0rb3r7 – David Danielyan22717828-1
Outsiders – Last Match Scorecard

Outsiders – Last Match Scorecard by Maps

PlayerFL1T (Jenya Lebedev)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
PlayerJame (Ali Djami)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
PlayerQikert (Aleksei Golybev)
MapsKillsHead ShotsAssistsDeathsKD Diff
PlayerFame (Petr Bolyshev)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
Playern0rb3r7 (David Danielyan)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff

MOUZ Players (Last Game)

MOUZ – Overall Last Match Scorecard

PlayersMapsKillsHeadShotsAssistDeathsKill/Death Diff
frozen – David Čerňanský35729194710
dexter – Christopher Nong353192056-3
xertio – NDorian Berman3532415530
torzsi – Ádám Torzsás3521615448
JDC – Jon De Castro34920952-3
Mouz – Last Match Scorecard

MOUZ – Last Match Scorecard by Maps

PlayerDexter (Christopher Nong)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
PlayerJDC (Jon de Castro)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
PlayerFrozen (David Cernansk)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
Playertorzsi (Adam Torzsas)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff
PlayerXertioN (Dorian Berman)
MapsKillsHead ShotAssistsDeathKD Diff

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OUT vs MOU ESports Expected Lineup

OUT (Outsiders) Expected Lineup

  1. FL1T (Jenya Lebedev)
  2. Jame (Ali Djami)
  3. Qikert (Aleksei Golybev)
  4. Fame (Petr Bolyshev)
  5. n0rb3r7 (David Danielyan)

MOU (MOUZ) Expected Lineup

  1. Dexter (Christopher Nong)
  2. JDC (Jon de Castro)
  3. Frozen (David Cernansk)
  4. torzsi (Adam Torzsas)
  5. XertioN (Dorian Berman)

OUT vs MOU ESports Dream11 Team Prediction

OUT vs MOU ESports Dream11 Team Prediction

OUT vs MOU ESports Live Streaming and Score Details

The ESports Lovers can tune into ESL CS:GO’s official Twitch channel to watch the quarterfinals of the IEM Rio Major 2022 live. CS:GO fans can also visit the streams of various content creators who are expected to co-stream the event live.

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How to Play ESports in Dream11?

ESports are multiplayer video games played by professional players in organized competitions. Just like you play fantasy games for on-field sports, fantasy ESports is played for video game competitions.

Step to Play ESports in Dream11:

  1. Select a Match and a Contest
  2. Pick professional gamers in your team

Team Creation:

  • Select a total of 5 players
  • You have to pick at least 1 player each from the 2 participating teams
  • choose a captain (C) and vice-captain (VC).
  • C will give you 2x and VC will give you 1.5x points.

Fantasy Points System:

Headshot Bonus5+
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