Unleashing the Potential: Out vs FNA Esports Dream11 Prediction for CS:GO IEM Rio Major 22, with Probable Lineups and Winning Tips

OUT vs FNA ESports Dream11 Prediction, CS: GO IEM Rio Major 22, Probable Lineups, Winning Tips

OUT vs FNA ESports Dream11 Prediction, CS: GO IEM Rio Major 22, Outsiders vs Fnatic Fantasy ESports Prediction, Player Stats, Probable Lineups, Live Match Score & Streaming, and Winning Tips

OUT vs FNA ESports Match Preview

Teams: Outsiders vs Fnatic
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Tournament: 2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Rio
Stage: Bracket – Quarterfinal
Sub Stage: Bracket
Date & Time: 10 November 2022, 22:30 PM (IST)

OUT vs FNA ESports Dream11 Prediction

The #1 Quarterfinal Match of the CS: GO 2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Rio will be played between Outsiders vs Fnatic. if you’re looking for OUT vs FNA ESports Dream11 Prediction then you’re at the right place.

Outsiders won their previous encounter against MOUZ with a score of 10-16 in both rounds and FL1T made the most 20 kills in the match while Jame did 11 assists in the game.

On the other hand, Fnatic played their last match against BIG and beat them with scores of 14-16 and 7-16 in both rounds. FASHR did 31 kills and mezii did 10 assists in the first round and KRiMZ made 28 kills in 2nd round.

OUT vs FNA Esports Team Performance

When it comes to the ever-evolving world of competitive esports, it’s crucial to dissect the performance metrics of teams, scrutinize their recent forms, and delve into their historical matchups to gain insights into their potential outcomes. In this regard, the upcoming clash between Outsiders (OUT) and Fnatic (FNA) in the CS:GO IEM Rio Major 22 has generated substantial anticipation. Let’s take a deep dive into their team performance, recent forms, head-to-head encounters, overall statistics, map preferences, and more.

Recent Form:

The recent form of a team often acts as a barometer of their current prowess and momentum. Outsiders have showcased a commendable display in their most recent matches, securing victories in 4 out of their last 5 encounters. This streak of success is marked by a pattern of wins and a single loss: W W W L W. This showcases their capacity to maintain consistency and rebound from occasional setbacks.

Fnatic, their opponents in the upcoming showdown, have equally demonstrated their mettle with an impressive track record. Their recent form highlights their ability to clinch victory, as they have secured triumphs in 4 of their last 5 games, with the sequence reading as W W L W W. This balanced rhythm suggests that Fnatic has been adept at bouncing back from losses, a trait that often characterizes formidable teams.

Head-to-Head Encounters:

The history between Outsiders and Fnatic, albeit brief, holds significance. These two teams have crossed paths on a single occasion, and it was Outsiders who emerged victorious. In that solitary encounter, Outsiders secured a win, thereby holding the upper hand with 1 victory to their name. This historical advantage could potentially serve as a psychological edge for Outsiders as they enter the upcoming clash.

OUT vs FNA Esports Overall Statistics:

Broadening our perspective to encompass the overall statistics of both teams offers a more comprehensive understanding of their performances. In terms of world rankings, Outsiders find themselves positioned at the 8th spot, a testament to their competitive capabilities. Fnatic, not far behind, occupies the 12th spot. Both teams exhibit an identical win rate of 60%, further highlighting their parity in terms of success.

A deeper dive into their competitive history reveals the extent of their involvement in the esports arena. Outsiders have participated in a total of 67 matches, which speaks to their experience and resilience in high-stakes matches. On the other hand, Fnatic boasts an impressive 1014 matches in their repertoire, showcasing their extensive engagement and long-standing presence in the esports landscape.

Map Preferences:

In the dynamic realm of CS:GO, map preferences play a pivotal role in determining a team’s strengths and strategic approaches. Inferno emerges as the most favored battleground for both Outsiders and Fnatic. Outsiders exhibit a 49% selection rate for Inferno, while Fnatic slightly trails with a 36% preference. This preference suggests that both teams are likely to bring their A-game to Inferno, making it a potential focal point of their strategies.

Conversely, the least favored map for Outsiders is Nuke, with a ban rate of 41%. On Fnatic’s side, Nuke also takes the least preferred spot, with a ban rate of 24%. This mutual avoidance of Nuke underscores the strategic decisions teams make to optimize their performance based on their strengths and weaknesses on specific maps.

Pistol Round Winrate:

The importance of pistol rounds cannot be overstated in CS:GO, as they often set the tone for the subsequent rounds and influence the overall flow of the match. Outsiders and Fnatic maintain competitive win rates in pistol rounds, showcasing their proficiency and adaptability. Outsiders secure victory in 47% of pistol rounds, while Fnatic holds a slightly higher success rate of 48%. This marginal difference can prove significant in the heat of the match, as pistol rounds can swing the momentum in either team’s favor.

Top Map Performances:

The map performances of both Outsiders and Fnatic shed light on their strategic strengths and proficiency on specific battlegrounds. Outsiders have showcased remarkable skill on various maps. Notably, they excel on Dust II, boasting an impressive win rate of 66%. Their prowess extends to Inferno, where they maintain a solid 61% win rate. Overpass and Mirage complete their top map performances with win rates of 60% and 56% respectively.

Fnatic, in their own right, have carved out a reputation for excellence on multiple maps. Cobblestone and Inferno stand out with win rates of 64% and 63% respectively, showcasing their adaptability and strategic versatility. Cache, Nuke, Train, Mirage, and Overpass all contribute to Fnatic’s well-rounded map repertoire, each with a win rate that underscores their competitive edge.

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OUT vs FNA ESports Player Stats

Here’s a concise summary of the player statistics for both OUT (Outsiders) and FNA (Fnatic) teams in CS:GO:

OUT (Outsiders) Player Stats:

  • FL1T (Jenya Lebedev): KDR: 1.14 | Win Rate: 60% | Kills per game: 19.61 | Deaths per game: 17.23 | Assists per game: 3.70
  • Jame (Ali Djami): KDR: 1.30 | Win Rate: 59% | Kills per game: 18.77 | Deaths per game: 14.41 | Assists per game: 2.53
  • Qikert (Aleksei Golybev): KDR: 1.05 | Win Rate: 59% | Kills per game: 17.89 | Deaths per game: 17.11 | Assists per game: 3.45
  • Fame (Petr Bolyshev): KDR: 1.09 | Win Rate: 55% | Kills per game: 19.10 | Deaths per game: 17.51 | Assists per game: 3.08
  • n0rb3r7 (David Danielyan): KDR: 1.04 | Win Rate: 54% | Kills per game: 18.67 | Deaths per game: 17.97 | Assists per game: 3.45

FNA (Fnatic) Player Stats:

  • FASHR (Dion Derksen): KDR: 1.05 | Win Rate: 56% | Kills per game: 18.80 | Deaths per game: 17.91 | Assists per game: 3.96
  • KRiMZ (Freddy Johansson): KDR: 1.08 | Win Rate: 60% | Kills per game: 18.18 | Deaths per game: 16.78 | Assists per game: 3.81
  • mezii (William Merriman): KDR: 1.11 | Win Rate: 50% | Kills per game: 18.85 | Deaths per game: 17.02 | Assists per game: 3.78
  • nicoodoz (Nico Tamjidi): KDR: 1.15 | Win Rate: 55% | Kills per game: 18.86 | Deaths per game: 16.38 | Assists per game: 2.32
  • roeJ (Fredrik Jorgensen): KDR: 1.06 | Win Rate: 57% | Kills per game: 18.93 | Deaths per game: 17.88 | Assists per game: 4.01

These statistics provide a glimpse into the performance and playstyles of each player on both teams. It’s evident that each player brings their unique strengths to the table, contributing to the overall strategies and dynamics of their respective teams. As they prepare to face off in the CS:GO IEM Rio Major 22, these player stats will likely play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of the match.

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OUT vs FNA ESports Expected Lineup

OUT (Outsiders) Expected Lineup

  1. FL1T (Jenya Lebedev)
  2. Jame (Ali Djami)
  3. Qikert (Aleksei Golybev)
  4. Fame (Petr Bolyshev)
  5. n0rb3r7 (David Danielyan)

FNA (Fnatic) Expected Lineup

  1. FASHR (Dion Derksen)
  2. KRiMZ (Freddy Johansson)
  3. mezii (William Merriman)
  4. nicoodoz (Nico Tamjidi)
  5. roeJ (Fredrik Jorgensen)

OUT vs FNA ESports Dream11 Team Prediction

OUT vs FNA ESports Dream11 Team Prediction

OUT vs FNA ESports Live Streaming and Score Details

The ESports Lovers can tune into ESL CS:GO’s official Twitch channel to watch the quarterfinals of the IEM Rio Major 2022 live. CS:GO fans can also visit the streams of various content creators who are expected to co-stream the event live.

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How to Play ESports in Dream11?

ESports are multiplayer video games played by professional players in organized competitions. Just like you play fantasy games for on-field sports, fantasy ESports is played for video game competitions.

Step to Play ESports in Dream11:

  1. Select a Match and a Contest
  2. Pick professional gamers in your team

Team Creation:

  • Select a total of 5 players
  • You have to pick at least 1 player each from the 2 participating teams
  • choose a captain (C) and vice-captain (VC).
  • C will give you 2x and VC will give you 1.5x points.

Fantasy Points System:

Headshot Bonus5+
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