JSK vs MICT Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats & Records, Playing 11, Top Fantasy Picks, SA20 2024

JSK vs MICT Dream11 Prediction

JSK vs MICT Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats & Records, Playing 11, Top Fantasy Picks for Joburg Super Kings vs MI Cape Town, 4th T20 of South Africa T20 2024

JSK vs MICT Dream11 Prediction

Get ready for a showdown in Match 4 of the ongoing SA20 2024 season, where MI Cape Town (MICT) will take on Joburg Super Kings (JSK) at The Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday, January 13. The match will be started at 5:00 PM (IST).

If you are fantasy cricket enthusiast and looking for JSK vs MICT Dream11 Prediction and Player Stats then you’re in the right place. In this article we provide you player by player analysis and top fantasy picks and ultimate fantasy guild that help you to form a winning Dream11 Team for Todays Match.

JSK vs MICT Match Preview

The Joburg Super Kings’ opening match faced a setback as it was washed out due to rain, marking a damp start to their campaign.

On the other hand, MI Cape Town recently put up an impressive performance in their last match. They posted a formidable total of 207/5 in 20 overs, with Ryan Rickelton leading the charge with an impressive 87 runs in 51 balls. However, despite Kagiso Rabada’s bowling efforts (2/23), Durban’s Super Giants managed to reach 177/6 in 16.3 overs. Heinrich Klaasen’s explosive 85 and Matthew Breetzke’s 39 were crucial for the Super Giants. The match concluded with MI Cape Town losing by 11 runs via the DLS method, adding a twist to their recent outing.

JSK vs MICT Pitch Report

The Wanderers Stadium, where the next match is happening, has seen an equal number of wins for teams batting and bowling first in its 26-match history. The pitch is friendly for scoring well, with an average score of 171 in the first innings, giving batters chances to go for attacking shots. The balanced pitch is anticipated to provide a fair game for both batters and bowlers, making it a competitive and exciting match.

Total Match Played: 45
Batting First Won: 26
Batting Second Won: 19
Tie: 0
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 164
Highest Score: Jozi Stars 239/3
Lowest Score: Lions 102/10

Scoring Pattern

Below Score 150: 16
Score between 150 and 169: 12
Score between 170 and 189: 8
Above Score 190: 9

JSK vs MICT Head To Head

Total Matches Played: 2
Joburg Super Kings Won: 1
MI Cape Town Won: 1

Head to Head at this Venue

Total Matches Played: 1
Joburg Super Kings Won: 1
MI Cape Town Won: 0

Last 5 Head to Head

Joburg Super Kings Won: 1
MI Cape Town Won: 1

Dream 11 Winner
2 Crore Winner of Dream 11

JSK vs MICT Player Stats (SA20 2023)

Joburg Super Kings Batting Stats

F du Plessis11103694112
JL du Plooy9824962.252
RR Hendricks111023923.91
D Ferreira111016418.221
R Shepherd11911719.5
MS Wade436622
AM Phangiso633939
K Verreynne55348.5
JN Malan33237.66
GHS Garton332020
AS Joseph73206.66
LB Williams3117
N Brand211616
BS Makhanya75165.33
G Coetzee95164
KI Simmonds311313
L Gregory3341.33
N Burger5122
MP Siboto10
M Theekshana70

Joburg Super Kings Bowling Stats

G Coetzee9928.317
AM Phangiso662010
R Shepherd111128.28
M Theekshana77277
KI Simmonds3396
LB Williams3395
AS Joseph77254
D Ferreira11493
N Burger55172
L Gregory322.31
MP Siboto1121
GHS Garton3351

MI Cape Town Batting Stats

HE van der Dussen101024330.371
D Brevis101023526.111
G Roelofsen109198222
GF Linde10815722.421
RD Rickelton7714620.85
D Potgieter978320.75
SM Curran99749.25
OF Smith766616.5
TH David335217.33
Rashid Khan1065210.4
WB Marshall222010
D Jansen421515
K Rabada8473.5
BE Hendricks10
OP Stone30

MI Cape Town Bowling Stats

K Rabada883111
Rashid Khan1010399
SM Curran9924.38
OP Stone339.36
GF Linde109266
D Jansen4412.54
D Brevis10121
TH David3241
BE Hendricks1120

JSK vs MICT Team News

Joburg Super Kings Team News

  • There is no injury update.

MI Cape Town Team News

  • Rashid Khan also unavailable for this match due to national duty.

JSK vs MICT Probable Playing11

Joburg Super Kings Playing 11

Faf du Plessis (C)RHB
Reeza HendricksRHB
Moeen AliLHB/ROB
Donovan FerreiraRHB (wk)
Ronan Hermann (wk)RHB/WK
Leus Du PlooyLHB
David WieseRHB/RMF
Romario ShepherdRHB/RMF
Gerald CoetzeeRAF
Nandre BurgerLMF
Imran TahirRLB


  • Sibonelo Makhanya – RHB
  • Aaron Phangiso – LAO
  • Wayne Madsen – RHB
  • Sam Cook – RMF
  • Dayyaan Galiem – RHB/RMF
  • Kyle Simmonds – LHB/LAO
  • Lizaad Williams – RMF
  • Zahir Khan – LCM

MI Cape Town Playing 11:

Player NameRole
Ryan RickeltonLHB
Rassie van der DussenRHB
Dewald BrevisRHB
Connor EsterhuizenRHB/WK
Liam LivingstoneRHB/LB
Kieron Pollard (c)RHB/RAM
Sam CurranLHB/LMF
Thomas KaberRHB/LAO
Beuran HendricksLFM
Kagiso RabadaRAF
Olly StoneRAF


  • Grant Roelofsen (RHB/WK)
  • Tom Banton (RHB/WK)
  • George Linde (LHB/LAO)
  • Rashid Khan (RHB/ROB)
  • Duan Jansen (RHB/LAM)
  • Delano Potgieter (LHB)
  • Chris Benjamin (RHB/WK)
  • Nuwan Thushara (RMF)
  • Nealan van Heerden (RAF)

JSK vs MICT Player Stats (Recent Form)

Joburg Super Kings Player Recent Form

PlayerRecent Form
Faf du Plessis57, 46, 9, 6, 5, 0, 13, 8, 14, 0, 28
Reeza Hendricks8, 49, 42, 3, 56, 0+1w, 83, 68, 21
Leus Du Plooy2, 3, 15, 17*, 0*, 28+0w, 18, 29, 8
Moeen Ali23+0w, 1w, 1w, 22*+0w, 1+0w, 26, 6+0w, 1w, 32, 4+1w, 1+1w
Donovan Ferreira12, 48, 19, 20, 19+1w, 2+0w, 1w, 4
David Wiese2w, 1+1w, 1w, 0w, 4w, 0w, 3+0w, 4+0w, 6+0w
Romario Shepherd0+2w, 15+1w, 16+0w, 1w, 10*+1w, 1w, 2+1w, 0*+1w, 26*+1w, 19*+3w
Gerald Coetzee3w, 2w, 11+0w, 1+1w, 0w, 1+0w, 2*+4w, 1+2w, 2w, 0w
Nandre Burger1+1w, 6*+1w, 2w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 3w, 1w
Imran Tahir2w, 3w, 1w, 3w, 3w, 1w, 1w, 4*+0w, 1w, 0w, 1w
Aaron Phangiso4w, 19*+0w, 4w, 10*+0w, 10+1w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 2w
Sibonelo Makhanya 1*, 4, 6*, 1, 4, 13, 45, 21, 8, 23
Ronan Hermann17, 44, 1, 24, 37
Wayne Madsen4, 22, 42, 0, 1, 52, 63, 15, 16, 35
Sam Cook1w, 1w, 1w, 2w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 2w, 1w, 0w
Dayyaan Galiem32*+1w, 1*+0w, 7*+1w, 29*+0w, 25+0w, 10*+0w, 16, 6*+1w, 26*+1w
Kyle Simmonds3w, 3w, 0w, 4, 3+0w, 28*+1w, 1w, 0w, 1w
Lizaad Williams2w, 1w, 0w, 1*+1w, 1+3w, 4w, 1w, 17*+0w, 2w, 1w
Zahir Khan2w, 3w, 0w, 2w, 1w, 0+0w, 0w, 2w, 0w, 0w, 3w

Joburg Super Kings Player Recent Form

PlayerRecent Form
Ryan Rickelton87, 11, 5, 46, 7, 21, 14, 42, 4, 29, 19, 2
Rassie van der Dussen24, 6, 21, 0, 6, 2, 26, 31, 51, 22
Dewald Brevis5, 0, 5, 20, 41*, 57, 15, 32, 27, 14
Connor Esterhuizen17, 7*, 17, 0, 3, Odi – 9, 5, 52
Liam Livingstone25+1w(2), 28, 54*, 30+0w, 17, 27+0w, 26, 2+1w, 1w, 10*+1w
Kieron Pollard31*, 0, 23, 9, 6, 2, 25, 33, 46, 46, 37*
Sam Curran1w(4), 6*, 12+1w, 2w, 2w, 50+1w, 13+0w, 5+0w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 0w, 0+1w, 0+0w
Thomas Kaber0w(1), 9+2w, 1*+1w, 1+2w, 20+1w, 0w, 3*+0w, 14+0w, 15+1w
Beuran Hendricks1w(4), 0w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 4w, 2w, 1w
Kagiso Rabada2w(3), 0+2w, 1+2w, 2w, 2w, 0w, 0w, 2w, 2w, 1w
Olly Stone1w(3), 2+0w, 0w, 0w, 4w, 2w, 0w, 1w, 4w
George Linde11+2w, 9+0w, 0w, 13+1w, 0w, 14+0w, 4+2w
Rashid Khan3w, 1w, 2+0w, 2+2w, 1w, 13*+1w, 0+0w, 5*+2w, 30+1w
Duan Jansen1w, 8+2w, 1w, 7*+0w, 1w, 39+0w, 1+1w, 8*+0w, 23+2w, 41+0w
Grant Roelofsen26, 30, 52, 41, 1, 33, 0, 21, 29
Tom Banton0, 6,2, 12, 81, 0, 44, 20, 26
Delano Potgieter2, 32*, 1*, 0, 21, 2, 25, 18*, 2, 9
Chris Benjamin8*, 14, 7, 1*, 24, 4, 0, 29*, 45, 11
Nuwan Thushara4w, 4w, 0w, 3w, 1w, 2w, 0w, 1w
Nealan van Heerden0w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 2w, 0w, 1w, 0w, 2w

JSK vs MICT Top Fantasy Picks

Joburg Super Kings Top Fantasy Picks

  • Faf du Plessis
  • Reeza Hendricks
  • Moeen Ali
  • Gerald Coetzee
  • Nandre Burger

MI Cape Town Top Fantasy Picks

  • Ryan Rickelton
  • Liam Livingston
  • Sam Curran
  • Kagiso Rabada
  • Kieron Pollard

JSK vs MICT Captain And Vice-Captain Option

Small League Team: Faf du Plessis, Liam Livingston, Moeen Ali

Grand League Team: Gerald Coetzee, Ryan Rickelton, R van der Dussen

Rank Booster Pick: Nandre Burger, D Ferreira

JSK vs MICT Dream11 Team Prediction

Fantasy Expert Dream11 Fantasy Pick
WK – R Rickelton
Batters – F Plessis, R Hendricks, R van der Dussen
All-Rounders – M Ali, D Ferreira, L Livingston, S Curran
Bowlers – G Coetzee, N Burger, K Rabada
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JSK vs MICT Dream11 Team Prediction

JSK vs MICT Winner Prediction for Today Match?

Joburg Super Kings to win

As per the predictions by Fantasy Expert News, the Joburg Super Kings are considered the favorites to emerge victorious in the JSK vs MICT match.

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