Guyana Amazon Warriors CPL 2021 Team Squad, Players Stats, Schedule, Owner, Captain, Jersey, Twitter link

Guyana Amazon Warriors CPL 2021 Team Squad, Players Stats, Schedule, Owner, Captain, Jersey, Twitter link

The Guyana Amazon Warriors is a franchise cricket team of the Caribbean Premier League based in the state of Guyana. The team is participating in CPL since the first season and is one of the teams created in the inaugural 2013 season of the Caribbean Premier League. Last Year Guyana Amazon performed well as they finished the league stage at 2nd place with 6 wins and 4 losses out of 10 matches. But they failed to qualify in the Final of the CPL 2020. Let’s Checkout Guyana Amazon Warriors CPL 2021 Team Squad, Players Stats, Owner, Captain, Jersey, Twitter link.

Guyana Amazon Warriors played the CPL 2020 semifinal against St Lucia Zouks, In the Semi-Final St Lucia Zouks all-out Warriors at 55 runs and chased down the target without losing any wickets and danced to the finals. So Guyana Amazon Warriors won the Bronze Position.

Guyana Amazon Warriors CPL 2021 Team Squad, Players Stats, Schedul, Owner, Captain, Jersey, Twitter link

Johan Botha is the coach of Guyana Amazon Warriors and Dr. Rajisanghi Ramroop is the owner of the team. Chris Green was the Captain in CPL 2020 but the Franchise released him ahead of CPL 2021. Nicolas Pooran is the New Captain of Guyana Amazon Warriors in CPL 2021. Guyana Amazon Jersey Colour is Green, Gold, Red, Black, and White. The Tshirt Colour of the team is Gold and Track Colour is Green.

Guyana Amazon Warriors is the only team that plays five CPL Final. The Team Successfully made to finals in the year 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019. But they did not win any of the Final Match. Guyana Amazon Warriors is Five Times Runner-ups and Three Times Semifinalists.

Guyana Amazon Warriors CPL 2021 Player List & Team Squad

  1. Mohammed Hafeez
  2. Imran Tahir
  3. Nicholas Pooran
  4. Brandon King
  5. Shimron Hetmyer
  6. Romario Shepherd
  7. Anthony Bramble
  8. Waqar Salamkheil
  9. Niall Smith
  10. Naveen Ul Haq
  11. Chandrapaul Hemraj
  12. Kevin Sinclair
  13. Ashmeade Nedd
  14. Odean Smith
  15. Gudakesh Motie
  16. Shoaib Malik
Guyana Amazon Warriors Team Squad CPL 2021
Image Credit: official Twitter of Caribbean Premier League, Complete Players list announced officially

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Guyana Amazon Warriors Player Stats

Career Stats of Guyana Amazon Warriors Players

Most Runs

Mohammad Hafeez (T20I)113103242999*26.4120.96014
Shoaib Malik (T20I)11610623357531.13124.208
Nicholas Pooran (T20I)413463462*22.64124.0703
Shimron Hetmyer (T20I)37305396119.96116.9102
Chandrapaul Hemraj (T20D)22214766622.66115.2502
Brandon King (T20I)11101534315.3134.2100
Anthony Bramble (T20D)13117727*8.5591.6600
Gudakesh Motie (List A)188712817.7567.6100
Waqar Salamkheil (T20D)23486*8000
Naveen-ul-Haq (T20I)8275710000
Odean Smith (T20I)2166612000
Kevin Sinclair (T20I)6233333.3300
Nial Smith (List A)7421*0.6622.2200
Ashmead Nedd (T20D)411115000
Romario Shepherd (T20I)6

Most Wickets

Shoaib Malik (T20I)1164893282/723.537.0819.9
Mohammad Hafeez11375204.1604/1022.266.5420.4
Waqar Salamkheil (T20D)232385.5334/2521.068.0915.6
Gudakesh Motie (List A)1818152274/4523.664.233.7
Naveen-ul-Haq (T20I)8828133/21156.9612.9
Nial Smith (List A)774993/4728.775.2832.6
Chandrapaul Hemraj (T20D)22122263/1525.166.8622
Kevin Sinclair (T20I)661242/2337.58.3327
Ashmead Nedd (T20D)441531/1024.334.8630
Romario Shepherd (T20I)636621/3756.510.2733
Odean Smith (T20I)224221/383911.1421

Guyana Amazon Warriors Player Stats in CPL 2020

Batting Stats

Shimron Hetmyer11112677133.37125.9403
Nicholas Pooran1111245100*27.22123.7311
Chandrapaul Hemraj881402917.510000
Brandon King111111651*11.698.301
Romario Shepherd8315117.5107.1400
Kevin Sinclair5395331.0300
Anthony Bramble1177736.8400
Odean Smith1111*33.3300
Ashmead Nedd411115000

Bowling Stats

Romario Shepherd871963/2223.167.3119
Kevin Sinclair541452/1312.24.3516.8
Ashmead Nedd441531/1024.334.8630
Odean Smith11422/3316.58.2512
Chandrapaul Hemraj83411/3256.2524

Recent Performance of Guyana Amazon Players

PlayerStyleRecent Performance
Mohammad Hafeez (T20I)RHB/ROS25+2/26, 0+1/32, 110, 1+2/24, 0+1/10
Shoaib Malik (T20I)RHB/ROS15+0/32, 27, 46+0/13, 28, 36+1/29
Nicholas Pooran (T20I)LHB/WK#, #, 62, 13, 3+0/6
Shimron Hetmyer (T20I)LHB#, #, 17, 5, 6
Chandrapaul Hemraj (T20D)LHB/LOD14, 24+2/35, 41+2/11, 87+0/2, 8+0/49
Brandon King (T20I)RHB18, 5, 46, 58 ,10
Anthony Bramble (T20D)WK/BAT14, 3, 69, 2, 14
Gudakesh Motie (List A)LHB/LOD28+1/43, 4/53, 1/37, 6+2/36, 3+4/55
Waqar Salamkheil (T20D)RHB/LAC0/38, 0+0/38, 0/55, 0/35, 2/22
Naveen-ul-Haq (T20I)RHB/RAMF2/32, 8+3/33, 2/14, 2+2/44, 6+2/27
Odean Smith (T20I)RHB/RAM15+2/54, 68+0/24, 17+0/8, 2+1/49, 1+2/33
Kevin Sinclair (T20I)RHB/ROS0/29, 0+2/23, 0/21, 1/19, 3+0/32
Nial Smith (List A)RHB/RAM0+3/91 & 0/23, 1+1/59, 0+1/26, 2/15, 3/47
Ashmead Nedd (T20D)RHB/LOD0/35, 3/23, 5+0/29, 3+2/24, 1/53
Romario Shepherd (T20I)RHB/RAMF#, #, 0w, 0w, 0w

Guyana Amazon Warriors Scheduled 2021

Performance Seasons by Seasons

YearsLeague standingFinal standing
20131st out of 6Runners-up
20142nd out of 6Runners-up
20152nd out of 6Playoffs
20161st out of 6Runners-up
20174th out of 6Qualifier
20182nd out of 6Runners-up
20191st out of 6Runners-up
20202nd out of 6Semifinalists

Results Summary

YearPlayedWinsLossesTiedNRWin %Position

Twitter Link, Social Media of Guyana Amazon Warriors

Guyana Amazon Warriors fans can catch all the latest information related to the team on Twitter and Instagram. The Official Twitter and Instagram Provide you with match details, news, schedule, and more.

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