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How to Sign Up for prime Subscription ?

The Sign Up Process for Prime subscription is as follows
1. Click on the top right side button Login ( on Desktop ) / Icon ( Crown )
2. Fill in All details of the registration form
a) Useraname – the name you’ll use to log in.
b) Email – enter valid email id here.
c) First name – Enter your first name Like Rahul
d) Last Name – Enter your surname Like Gupta
e) Password – Which you remember Like [email protected]#
f) Confrim Password – Same Password that you fill/used above
g) Country – Your country Like India, Bangladesh, Australia, etc.
h) Set Your profile pic and upload it.
i) Check (✓) Accept Terms & Conditions.
j) Coupon Code – if Available.
k) Select Payment method – Stripe / Bank Transfer Anyone.
l) Click on the Register button. Your Registration is a success.
m) Open your Gmail and verfiry email address.

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