CLT vs HAW Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Top Picks, Live Score, 5th Match: FanCode ECS T10 Barcelona, 2021

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Prediction

Today Match CLT vs HAW Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Top Picks, Live Score, 5th Match: FanCode ECS T10 Barcelona, 2021, Catalunya CC vs Hawks Match Prediction, Small and Grand League Team

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Prediction

Catalunya CC and Hawks are ready to face each other in the 5th match of FanCode ECS T10 Barcelona, 2021 will be played at the venue of Ibrahim Videres Cricket Ground, Girona. We will discuss CLT vs HAW Dream11 Team Prediction and Player Stats here.

Catalunya CC is the winner of the ECS T10 Barcelona 2020 and this time they also looking to defend their title. last year, they finished at the top of the league table with 7 wins out of 7 matches, and in the final match, they beat Falco CC by 11 runs.

On the other hand, After a disappointing start to ECS with just one win in seven games in 2020, the Hawks looked a much-improved side at FanCode ECS Spain Barcelona 2021 winning six of their 10 games. HAW faces a tough challenge against the winners of ECS T10 Barcelona.

CLT vs HAW Match Details:

Match: Catalunya CC vs Hawks
Competition: FanCode ECS T10 Barcelona, 2021
Time & Date: 3rd November 2021, 09:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Ibrahim Videres Cricket Ground, Girona

CLT vs HAW Pitch Report:

The pitch of Sporting Alfas Cricket Club has been a balanced track where both batters and bowlers get equal The track at this venue is a batting-friendly surface and is expected to assist the batters once again here. The quick bowlers might get some help towards the latter half of the match.

CLT vs HAW Team Squad

Catalunya CC

Yasir Ali, Razaqat Ali, Muhammad Armghan Khan, Syed Sherazi, Ali Azam, Malik Zeeshan, Hamza Nisar, Asim Raja, Rauf Zaman, Muhammad Mughal, Shahbaz Shaukat, Mujahid Ali Bajwa, Naveed Aslam, Nisar Ahmed, Ameer Abdullah, Haider Ali, Muhammad Basit, Sabteen Haider, Nadim Hussain, Khaled Kaleem, Sanwal Masood.


Omar Ali, Waheed Elahi, Kamraan Zia, Aamir Javid, Muhammad Ali Meer, Shakil Ahmed, Sohail Muhammad, Khurram Shahzad, Ameer Hamzah, Muhammad Sanaullah, Amir Hamza, Inzamam Gulfam, Umair Muhammad, Numan Ali, Zafar Farhan, Mirza Imtiaz Asghar, Qamar Razaq, Muhammad Hanzala, Bilal Muhammad, Zain Aslam Bibi, Durrab Hassan, Ibrar Hussan, Saif Ur Rehman, Hussnain Ali.

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CLT vs HAW Player Stats and Record

Catalunya CC Player Stats

Most Runs

Yasir Ali (ECS T10)2827105511643.95217.0716
Muhammad Armghan Khan (ECS T10)232251957*34.6184.0402
Naveed Aslam (ECS T10)221926173*15.35177.5502
Rauf Zaman (ECS T10)13111894421171.8100
Razaqat Ali (ECS T10)28171864412.4177.1400
Hamza Nisar (ODD)1091405917.5105.2601
Muhammad Mughal (ECL T10)441187629.5210.7101
Sanwal Masood (T20D)14121053113.12119.3200
Nadim Hussain (T20D)128955915.83111.7601
Asim Raja (ODD)118841910.5137.700
Nisar Ahmed (T20D)44745624.67164.4401
Haider Ali (T20D)22696134.5168.2900
Muhammad Basit (T20D)44464011.5104.5500
Ali Azam (ECS T10)1864024*2016000
Mujahid Ali Bajwa (ECS T10)532211*169.2300
Ameer Abdullah (T20D)21888114.2900
Shahbaz Shaukat (ECS T10)12111*5000
Syed Sherazi (ECS T10)200000000
Malik Zeeshan1000000
Sabteen Haider
Khaled Kaleem

Most Wickets

Sanwal Masood (T20D)141243.5264/169.735.7710.1
Razaqat Ali (ECS T10)282537.3235/715.959.789.78
Yasir Ali (ECS T10)282239.3203/1418.79.4611.85
Asim Raja (ODD)111149186/1516.726.1416.3
Syed Sherazi (ECS T10)201831153/2725.3312.2512.4
Nadim Hussain (T20D)121027.1154/510.85.9610.9
Ali Azam (ECS T10)181831.3133/1124.6110.1514.53
Shahbaz Shaukat (ECS T10)121221.3112/217.368.8811.72
Muhammad Armghan Khan (ECS T10)2379.273/1715.7111.788
Haider Ali (T20D)227.564/287.675.877.8
Muhammad Basit (T20D)4415.452/3824.27.7218.8
Muhammad Mughal (ECL T10)44.232/191611.078.66
Ameer Abdullah (T20D)22622/2012418
Naveed Aslam (ECS T10)11100/1212
Malik Zeeshan1
Hamza Nisar (ODD)10
Rauf Zaman (ECS T10)13
Mujahid Ali Bajwa (ECS T10)5
Nisar Ahmed (T20D)4
Sabteen Haider
Khaled Kaleem

Hawks Player Stats

Most Runs

Omar Ali (ECS T10)25244908021.3184.2104
Kamraan Zia (ECS T10)171723363*15.53173.8802
Aamir Javid (ECS T10)10102116126.37161.0601
Muhammad Ali Meer (ECS T10)1092044825.5160.6300
Sohail Muhammad (ECS T10)141220037*20163.9300
Amir Hamza (ECS T10)11101203112166.6600
Bilal Muhammad (ECS T10)661064717.66203.8400
Khurram Shahzad (ECS T10)1110812711.5713500
Mirza Imtiaz Asghar (ECS T10)119793011.28117.9100
Numan Ali (ECS T10)10644198.8157.1400
Muhammad Sanaullah (ECS T10)11843156.1489.5800
Waheed Elahi (ECS T10)168421221155.5500
Zain Aslam Bibi (ODD)4236341878.2600
Ibrar Hussan (T20D)33352617.512500
Shakil Ahmed (ECS T10)94311615.5163.1500
Muhammad Hanzala (ODD)2127272787.100
Inzamam Gulfam (ECS T10)63229*1120000
Zafar Farhan (ECS T10)8420186.6612500
Ameer Hamzah (ECS T10)7315147.512500
Umair Muhammad (ECS T10)9000000
Qamar Razaq (ECS T10)2000
Durrab Hassan
Saif Ur Rehman
Hussnain Ali

Most Wickets

Shakil Ahmed (ECS T10)981693/818.3310.3110.66
Omar Ali (ECS T10)251420.271/536.4212.5417.42
Muhammad Ali Meer (ECS T10)1091272/717.141010.28
Ameer Hamzah (ECS T10)769.473/1511.288.178.28
Umair Muhammad (ECS T10)961072/1413.149.28.57
Zain Aslam Bibi (ODD)4418.274/2414.715.6215.7
Sohail Muhammad (ECS T10)14132162/1838.3310.9521
Muhammad Sanaullah (ECS T10)11913.164/132410.9313.16
Ibrar Hussan (T20D)331252/27187.514.4
Waheed Elahi (ECS T10)161317.142/174911.4125.75
Numan Ali (ECS T10)1071341/44212.9219.5
Bilal Muhammad (ECS T10)661131/1439.3310.7222
Zafar Farhan (ECS T10)81222/115.55.56
Inzamam Gulfam (ECS T10)661011/16868.660
Qamar Razaq (ECS T10)211.411/171710.210
Kamraan Zia (ECS T10)17
Aamir Javid (ECS T10)10
Khurram Shahzad (ECS T10)11
Amir Hamza (ECS T10)11
Mirza Imtiaz Asghar (ECS T10)11
Muhammad Hanzala (ODD)22
Durrab Hassan
Saif Ur Rehman
Hussnain Ali

CTL vs HAW Probable Playing 11 for Today’s Match:

Catalunya CC Playing 11:

Rauf Zaman, Naveed Aslam, Muhammad Armghan Khan, Nisar Ahmed, Yasir Ali, Ali Azam, Mohammad Basit, Muhammad Mughal, Syed Sherazi, Asim Raja, Nadim Hussain.

Hawks Playing 11:

Mirza Imtiaz Asghar, Aamir Javid, Kamran Zia, Umair Muhammad, Shakil Ahmed, Khurram Shahzad, Zafar Farhan, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Sohail, Waheed Elahi, Ameer Hamzah.

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Top Picks


  • Muhammad Armghan Khan
  • Yasir Ali
  • Ali Azam
  • Rauf Zaman


  • Aamir Javid
  • Kamran Zia
  • Shakil Ahmed
  • Ameer Hamzah

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

CLT vs HAW Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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