BEL vs LUX Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips, Top Picks, 2nd Match: European Cricket Championship 2021

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Prediction

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Fantasy Cricket Tips, Top Picks, 3rd Match: European Cricket Championship 2021, Belgium vs Luxembourg Dream11 Team for Small and Grand League

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Prediction

The 3rd match Group A of Dream11 Europen Cricket Championship 2021 will be played between Belgium and Luxembourg at the venue of Cartama Oval, Cartama. if you’re looking for BEL vs LUX Dream11 PredictionPlayer Stats, and Team for Today’s Match then you’re in the right place.

Belgium have started their campaign with a win in this tournament as they registered 4 wickets victory over Spain in their opening match and they will come into this match with high confidence.

On the other hand, Luxembourg coming into this tournament after finished as a runner-up in the Continental Cup 2021 in September 2021. but they will miss some of their star players in this competition. Luxembourg are the lowest-ranked of the sides in Group A in the ICC T20 rankings at 54th.

BEL vs LUX Match Details:

Match: Belgium vs Luxembourg
Competition: Dream11 European Cricket Championship 2021
Time & Date: 13 August 2021, 04:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Cartama Oval, Cartama

BEL vs LUX Pitch Report

The pitch of Cartama Oval is suitable for both batsmen and bowlers and batting first will be an ideal option upon winning the toss. Avg first Inning Score should be around 90.

BEL vs LUX Team Squad

Belgium Squad

Adnan Razzaq, Ali Raza, Aziz Mohammad, Fahim Bhatti, Faisal Mehmood, Mamoon Latif, Muneeb Muhammad, Murid Ekrami, Omid Rahimi, Saber Zakhil, Saqlain Raja, Sefat Shagharai, Sheikh Sheraz, Waqas Raja.

Luxembourg Squad

Aanand Pandey, Akhilesh Kumar, Amit Dhingra, Ansh Trivedi, Harpal Singh, Mohd Dilshad, Mohit Dixit, Oscar Whiteman, Raju Akulwar, Roshan Vishwanath, Sambhav Puri, Thomas Martin, Tony Whiteman.

BEL vs LUX Player Stats and Record

Belgium Player Stats

Most Runs

Aziz Mohammad (ECS T10, 20-21)26256769233.8219.4804
Sheikh Sheraz (ECS T10 20-21)15131322218.8515000
Faisal Mehmood (ECS T10, 20-21)771253017.85215.5100
Ali Raza (ECS T10, 2020)4311352*37.66176.5601
Mamoon Latif (ECS T10, 20-21)1081043717.33179.3100
Adnan Razzaq (ECS T10, 20-21)547441*24.66180.4800
Muneeb Muhammad (ECS T10, 20-21)54662013.2160.9700
Waqas Raja (ECS T10 20-21)111061167.6298.3800
Murid Ekrami (T20I)12855289.1690.1600
Saber Zakhil (ECS T10 20-21)43422714131.2500
Omid Rahimi (ECS T10 20-21)5313104.3361.900
Sefat Shagharai (ECS T10 2021)5265610000
Fahim Bhatti (ECS T10 2021)4
Saqlain Raja (ECS T10 20-21)3

Most Wickets

Aziz Mohammad (ECS T10 20-21)262549193/1827.4212.1113.57
Sheikh Sheraz (ECS T10 20-21)1571384/1413.628.389.75
Murid Ekrami (T20I)12123462/1836.166.3834
Sefat Shagharai (ECS T10 2021)55963/1310.336.889
Saber Zakhil (ECS T10 20-21)44853/874.379.6
Waqas Raja (ECS T10 20-21)11101552/1838.612.8618
Adnan Razzaq (ECS T10 20-21)52432/1817.33138
Faisal Mehmood (ECS T10 20-21)73432/21118.258
Fahim Bhatti (ECS T10 2021)44721/153911.1421
Mamoon Latif (ECS T10 20-21)104521/1035.514.215
Saqlain Raja (ECS T10 20-21)32322/1918129
Ali Raza (ECS T10) (20)4
Muneeb Muhammad (ECS T10, 20-21)5
Omid Rahimi (ECS T10 20-21)5

Luxembourg Player Stats

Most Runs

Tony Whiteman (T20I)141224155*34.42117.5601
Mohd Dilshad (T20D 20-21)18182244012.9893.5200
Oscar Whiteman (T20D 20-21)111016750*35.3785.5801
Sambhav Puri (T20D 20-21)7712941*21.582.0900
Mohit Dixit (T20I)104633815.7594.0200
Ansh Trivedi (T20D 2021)4256552888.8901
Akhilesh Kumar (T20D 20-21)126463110.33169.1400
Harpal Singh (T20D 20-21)1184216*10.6680.0700
Raju Akulwar (T20D 2020)442411682.7600
Aanand Pandey (T20I)31151515115.3800
Roshan Vishwanath (T20I)54145787.500
Thomas Martin (T20D 2021)11141414000
Amit Dhingra (T20I)3100*00

Most Wickets

Akhilesh Kumar (T20D 20-21)12614.272/12237.1418
Mohd Dilshad (T20D 20-21)12113073/1333.577.8325.71
Sambhav Puri (T20D 20-21)442062/26195.720
Amit Dhingra (T20I)331252/2815.46.4114.4
Harpal Singh (T20D 20-21)1182551/842.87.7731
Mohit Dixit (T20I)101023.553/1939.48.2628.6
Ansh Trivedi (T20D 2021)4410.232/2524.677.1620.67
Raju Akulwar (T20D 2020)4415.222/2462.58.3345
Tony Whiteman (T20I)1423.411/243810.3622
Aanand Pandey (T20I)3
Oscar Whiteman (T20D 20-21)11
Roshan Vishwanath (T20I)5
Thomas Martin (T20D 2021)10

BEL vs LUX Probable Playing 11 for Today’s Match

Belgium Playing 11

Aziz Mohammad, Mamoon Latif, Faisal Mehmood, Muneeb Muhammad, Ali Raza (wk), Saber Zakhil, Sheikh Sheraz (c), Omid Rahimi, Sefat Shagharai, Murid Ekrami, Fahim Bhatti.

Luxembourg Playing 11

Roshan Paul Vishwanath, Thomas Martin, Tony Whiteman, Mohd Dilshad, Sambhav Puri, Aanand Pandey, Mohit Dixit, Oscar Whiteman, Raju Akulwar, Amit Dhingra, Ansh Trivedi.

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BEL vs LUX Dream11 Top Picks


Aziz Mohammad
Sefat Shagharai
Saber Zakhil
Faisal Mehmood
Sheikh Sheraz


Tony Whiteman
Roshan Vishwanath
Thomas Martin
Raju Akulwar
Amit Dhingra

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

BEL vs LUX Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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