AZA vs DAT Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Pitch Report, Team News, Top Picks, 2nd Match Oman D20 2021-22

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Prediction

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing 11, Pitch Report, Team News, Top Picks, 2nd Match Oman D20 2021-22, Azaiba XI vs Darsait Titans Dream11 Team, Small League and Grand League

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Prediction

Azaiba XI and Darsait Titans are ready to lock horns with each other in the 2nd match of the Oman D29 2021 at the venue of Oman Cricket Academy ground in Al Amerat. If you’re looking for AZA vs DAT Dream11 Team Prediction and Player Stats then you’re at the right place.

Azaiba XI is a good team as having a combination of young and experienced players but they need to be on top of their game as they are taking on Darsait Titans who are arguably one of the best sides in this tournament.

Darsait Titans, on the other hand, have well-known players in their line-up with the likes of Zeeshan Maqsood and Khawar Ali. Given their incredible strength on paper, they are expected to start well with a win.

AZA vs DAT Match Details:

Match: Azaiba XI vs Darsait Titans
Competition: Oman D20 League 2021
Time & Date: 22nd December 2021, 09:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Oman Cricket Academy ground, Al Amerat

AZA vs DAT Pitch Report:

The pitch of the Oman Cricket Academy ground is a balanced surface that offers help to both batsmen and bowlers. the track is best suited for spinners. Bowl first is the ideal option after winning the toss.

Average 1st Inning Score: 149

Total Match Played: 36
Batting First Won: 14
Batting Second Won: 21
Tie: 1
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 148
Highest Score: Kuwait 210/4
Lowest Score: Nepal 64/10

AZA vs DAT Team Squad

Azaiba XI Squad

Akmal Shahzad, Hammad Mirza, Arsalan Bashir, Salim Al Balushi, Jibran Yousuf, Khalid Rasheed, Azhar Syed, Mohammed Asghar Shaikh, Jahad Al Balushi, Faris Al Balushi, Imran Muhammed, Sharif Al Balushi, Waseem Akhtar, Asif Al Balushi, Haythim Bahar, Usman Haider, Basem Al Balushi, Sudep Chavan, Sami Al Balushi, Jasim Nasir Ali, Rao Waqar Ahmed, Mudassar Iqbal, Muhammad Waqas.

Darsait Titans Squad

Khurram Khan, Khawar Ali, Ikram Sadaat, Uday Joshi, Chaminda Lakmal, Sameer Mohammed, Sultan Ahmed, Rahil Daniyal Habibullah, Arjun Rajesh Kumar, Nestor Dhamba, Fayaz Butt, Ubaid Ullah, Ayman Nayaz Bijli, Chaitra Thanki, Joshin Vincent, Yagnik Pandya, Austin Chaco, Adnan Merchant, Zeeshan Maqsood, Amanpreet Sirah, Sachin Kumar Jagra, Imran Mohammed, Lakpriya Mudunkothge, Nalinda Liyangassinnage.

AZA vs DAT Probable Playing 11 for Today Match

Azaiba XI Playing 11

Salim Al Balushi, Sudeep Chavan, Akmal Shahzad (C), Arsalan Bashir, Hammad Mirza, Sharif Al Balushi, Mohammad Asghar Safi Shaikh, Waseem Akhtar, Jahad Al Balushi, Jasim Illahi Nasir Ali, Khalid Rasheed,

Darsait Titans Playing 11

Chaminda Lakmal, Khurram Khan, Rahil Daniyal Habibullah, Ikram Sadaat, Nalinda Liyangassinnage, Khawar Ali, Sultan Ahmed, Zeeshan Maqsood, Ubaid Ullah, Fayyaz Butt, Yagnik Pandya.

AZA vs DAT Player Stats and Record

Azaiba XI Player Stats

Azaiba XI Player Stats

Most Runs

Salim Al BalushiRHB/RAM191952927.84140.6910012
Arsalan BashirRHB/RAM6620841.677.049601
Akmal ShahzadRHB/ROS161417813.6980.186801
Hammad MirzaRHB/ROS11913615.1162.14200
Usman HaiderRHB/LLS10913114.5690.974700
Waseem AkhtarRHB/LOS12710921.893.164300
Sudep ChavanRHB/RAF7610116.8374.813700
Mohammed Asghar ShaikhLHB/LOS1211928.3664.341900
Haythim BaharRHB/RAM778211.7157.753500
Muhammad WaqasRHB/RAM336722.3372.042900
Sharif Al BalushiRHB/RAM158617.6265.591700
Khalid RasheedRHB/RAM188536.6242.42000
Rao Waqar AhmedRHB/RAM224924.559.044900
Jahad Al BalushiRHB/RAM239428.489.361300
Jibran YousufRHB/ROS76386.3356.721500
Jasim Nasir AliRHB/RAF77355.8341.181400
Asif Al BalushiRHB/ROS76335.538.371600
Basem Al BalushiRHB/RAM321818601000
Imran MuhammedRHB/RAF114165.3376.19900
Sami Al Balushi (ODD)RHB/RAM33144.6637.831200
Mudassar IqbalRHB/ROS9661.222.22300
Faris Al BalushiLHB/LAM434457.14400
Azhar SyedRHB/RLS21000000

Most Wickets

Khalid RasheedRHB/RAM1818128.31633.884.2248.2
Haythim BaharRHB/RAM7532.41113.554.5617.8
Imran MuhammedRHB/RAF11722.31018.18.0413.5
Jahad Al BalushiRHB/RAM231737.2845.129.6728
Jasim Nasir AliRHB/RAF7732.4539.2639.2
Usman HaiderRHB/LLS10530.1536.2636.2
Waseem AkhtarRHB/LOS12829526.24.5234.8
Asif Al BalushiRHB/ROS7612.3435.511.3618.8
Mudassar IqbalRHB/ROS97274405.9340.5
Sharif Al BalushiRHB/RAM158154451222.5
Basem Al BalushiRHB/RAM3310.41888.2564
Mohammed Asghar ShaikhLHB/LOS121718111.5742
Akmal ShahzadRHB/ROS1614004.50
Arsalan BashirRHB/RAM6000000
Azhar SyedRHB/RLS211.1009.430
Faris Al BalushiLHB/LAM4350010.60
Hammad MirzaRHB/ROS1113.5009.650
Jibran YousufRHB/ROS7000000
Muhammad WaqasRHB/RAM3311006.180
Rao Waqar AhmedRHB/RAM2217004.410
Salim Al BalushiRHB/RAM19000000
Sudep ChavanRHB/RAF71100130
Sami Al Balushi (ODD)RHB/RAM3
Darsait Titans Player Stats

Darsait Titans Player Stats

Most Runs

Zeeshan MaqsoodLHB/LAO453988826.9116.998604
Khawar AliRHB/RLB373564620.1899.847202
Khurram KhanRHB/ROS212148832.53123.5467*03
Sultan AhmedRHB/RLS312223414.62102.183700
Ubaid UllahRHB/RAF141318818.881.396601
Rahil Daniyal HabibullahRHB/RAM6617134.2108.926002
Ikram SadaatRAH/RLS6514228.463.683300
Chaminda LakmalLHB/LAM111114114.192.764600
Nalinda LiyangassinnageLHB/LAS15151228.7161.933200
Imran MohammedRHB/RAM7611619.3360.13300
Chaitra ThankiRHB/RAM20511222.4131.765401
Sameer MohammedRHB/LLS437336.597.335201
Joshin Vincent (U19 ODD)LHB/RAF427171107.586301
Nestor DhambaRHB/ROB137679.5760.913200
Fayaz ButtRHB/RAF1686416114.282500
Amanpreet SirahRHB/RLS1615594.9252.681000
Arjun Rajesh KumarRHB/RAM87557.8673.333000
Ayman Nayaz BijliRHB/RAM33421495.452400
Sachin Kumar JagraRHB/RAM223718.571.153600
Lakpriya MudunkothgeRHB/RAM333511.6747.31900
Yagnik PandyaLHB/LAS96201045.45800
Austin ChacoRHB/RAM32168123.081600
Adnan MerchantLHB/RAM33144.6763.641100
Uday JoshiRHB/RAM32136.530.231200

Most Wickets

Khawar AliRHB/RLB37341023718.16.5616.5
Zeeshan MaqsoodLHB/LAO453295.533206.8817.4
Chaitra ThankiRHB/RAM2019592112.384.4116.9
Fayaz ButtRHB/RAF161650.31426.357.321.6
Yagnik PandyaLHB/LAS9925138.924.6411.5
Nestor DhambaRHB/ROB13945.11216.674.4322.6
Khurram KhanRHB/ROS2116471127.096.3425.6
Imran MohammedRHB/RAM7751.1922.113.8934.1
Ubaid UllahRHB/RAF141343.3932.566.7429
Amanpreet SirahRHB/RLS161438.28357.328.8
Nalinda LiyangassinnageLHB/LAS151129726.716.4524.9
Sameer MohammedRHB/LLS449.579.716.928.4
Arjun Rajesh KumarRHB/RAM8827635.57.8927
Ayman Nayaz BijliRHB/RAM33842110.512
Joshin Vincent (U19 ODD)LHB/RAF44194183.7928.5
Sachin Kumar JagraRHB/RAM221247.752.5818
Adnan MerchantLHB/RAM3251367.230
Austin ChacoRHB/RAM339006.440
Chaminda LakmalLHB/LAM11000000
Ikram SadaatRAH/RLS6120060
Lakpriya MudunkothgeRHB/RAM323008.670
Rahil Daniyal HabibullahRHB/RAM6120030
Uday JoshiRHB/RAM3000000
Sultan AhmedRHB/RLS31

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Team Top Picks


Salim Al Balushi
Akmal Shazad
Arsalan Bashir
Khalid Rasheed
Jahad Al Balushi


Zeeshan Maqsood
Fayaz Butt
Khawar Ali
Khurram Khan
Chaminda Lakmal

AZA vs DAT Captain and Vice-Captain Option

Small Contest

Zeeshan Maqsood, Khurram Khan, Salim Al Balushi

Mega Contest

Chaminda Lakmal, Khawar Ali, Fayyaz Butt

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

AZA vs DAT Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

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